Installing Vortech Supercharger, Do The Ac Lines Need To Be Removed?

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  1. I'm installing a Vortech S-trim on my 95 GT and I have it mounted but there is no clearance at all because the AC lines are in the way. I still want to have AC, do the AC lines need to be removed to run the Vortech?

  2. they need to be bent.. I'll see if I can find a photo..
    I gently bent it to clear... the radiator hose is close so put a cut rubber hose in it to insulate.



    Found this one
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  3. Thanks! Does it take a lot of force to bend the AC line? Are they easy to bend? I'm afraid it might kink or break and I don't want the line to rupture and freon all over the place.
  4. I think we put a piece of wood between the radiator and the line, to not put too much pressure on the joint....then gently pushed the lines just enough to clear..
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