Installing VT stg 1 N/A Cams.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. holy chit!!!! :eek:

  2. yeah he told me that & my jaw dropped. i was REEEEEALLY happy i refrained from getting on it after i installed them :banana:
  3. 1. Great write up! :nice:
    2. Very nice gains, I hope you're happy with your choice of cams. :flag:
    3. Thank you for choosing TeamVT, we appreciate it greatly. :cheers:


  4. i know it probably won't mean much to you, but if i was going to buy from someone other than tim at mph (i'm a loyal guy), it would be through you all. you all have a EXCELLENT thing going with your shop. i've paid close attention to your alls shop for quite a while & i'm very impressed :flag:

    & btw - i made 280rwhp & 303 rwtq with my stage 1's & couldn't be happier with them :banana:
  5. All of ya are making me jealous. My car has been in the shop since last Tuesday getting my Stage 2's in. I am getting the car back this afternoon. Anyway as fas as extra parts you have to get there are a few minor things you will need as well. My buddy is doing the install. It is costing me $380 + parts. The parts are gaskets/bolts & total $48.
  6. Hey is this goona get a sticky? or at least one of the great tech post thing.
  7. 18! Dang. That shows you how much extra airflow these cams provide the engine with. I am still resisting hitting it, and since I was already at a 14-15A/F BEFORE the CAMS, JLT RAI, AND BBK 75MM TB (installled it yesterday), I couldnt imagine how lean I am LOL. (no pinging...87 octain timing W/ 93 in the tank)
  8. I would hate for this thread to be forgotton lol. Probably because I was up till 4AM writing it. haha. And because it would eleminate any cam instal questions..on the comp 262s and stg 1s anyways. Mods?

  9. yeah i've heard of people running them & racing them after their installs & what not. i just didn't feel comfortable doing that, so i waited. & by the looks of things if i were you'd i'd take it easy too :)
  10. man, this makes me want some stage 1s real bad

  11. i second that :banana:
  12. Shift at 6500!?

    Thanks for all your info, that is spectacular! I was all set on getting vt stage IIs until I read your note. Now I'm not sure. Do you really lose that much with stg IIs below 3500? And do you really need to max it out to 6500 to gain the full benefit? Thats well over redline on my 00GT. That seems awful high to be shifting...

  13. You'll be able to push your redline a little more with the cams...after my cam install, Steeda was pushing it to 6500rpm...I'll be hoping for a little more after the heads

  14. Well, you dont HAVE to. Shifting at 6250 will be perfectly fine. But there are plenty of guys shifting at 6400 with the stg 1s. Most that have stg 2s say that the best area to shift is around 6500...there are also many reports of spun bearings too lol. The MAIN key in avoiding a spun bearing is to check your oil lv often. Low oil lvs are the main culprit. As far as loss, i am not sure exactly how much loss there is, but if its anything like the crowers...they lost 17RWHP at low rpm on an 01 bullitt. Ill do a search when I get time to see exact #s. If your car is untuned now, and then with cams and tune, you may not loose much of anything....just that comparing between the stg 1s and 2s both tuned and same mods...stg 2s are weaker down low (car will actually "feel" slower in normal driving, but gain it back up top.

  15. I apologize i havent posted in a while been out enjoying the car lol.Anywho the car drives just fine, i have noticed a shutter here and there.But i believe that is because my car is still runnning 87 octane!....which means 2 things, when i switch to 93 ill gain more horsepower hehe...and it should stop the small shutter from happening.I love this car :D
  16. Hmm, do you feel your car missing at like speeds below 50MPH? Mine kinda bucks slightly in 5th at anywhere below that, feels like the car is missing. Try taking off, put it in second and let of the gas, let it idle in second and see if it takes you for a ride lol.

    Basically, I dont want to discourage anyone from getting stg 2 cams, and definatly dont want to cause them not to get cams. Just giving the facts on what I see. These little quirks will probably be tuned out after it goes on the dyno.

    I would personally love to hear some stg 2s. Most likely ill hear them when Derek gets his. Curious on the difference in idle.
  17. Go to the forums...I know for sure there are audio clips
  18. This thread is the win :nice: