Installing VT stg 1 N/A Cams.

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by hotmustang331, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. true tech thread... saved for later
  2. Hotmustang331....i think i know what ur talking about when u say missing as the car begins to buck..? I think it may have more to do with ur gears.If ur in 50 and doing less then 50 thats too high a gear, because mine does this know too.Im not saying cams dont attribute but i dont think there the only reason.
  3. Uh...i meant in 5th doing less then 50 sorry i cant type.
  4. Hmm, yours missed at -50 before the cams? Mine drove perfect all the way down to 35MPH in 5th. 35MPH is around 1K BTW. For whatever reason it does it now. As for the bucking the miss starts the slight bucking in the higher 1st-3rd I cant tell...just starts bucking if i dont give it gas. Same for 5th, if I am at 40MPH on flat highway with very light gas, you can feel the car shutter/miss every 2-3sec, when i push a TAD more on the gas (uphill or the such) all the missing/shuttering goes away. :shrug: I am thinking the car is going WAY lean in very light part throttle and low RPMs, causing it to miss. It was already lean before the JLT, 75MM BBK TB, and was at a 14-15A/F. At 2K ish it was at 16-18 on the dyno. So now its probably crazy lean since I eleminated the rear 02s (chip...and have MIL elims lol..overkill) and its not compensating at all as far as I know...just air flow through the MAF. I NEED A TUNE! LOL but I want to wait a few weeks as I have a few more "upgrades" to instal on the car.
  5. Good thread.
    Nice #'s with the stage 1's.I got a set of stage 2's that should be going in by the end of this week.Can't wait to get it done :banana: .

  6. you better give us a writeup too!! i want details!! SOTP, dyno if you get a chance, everything!

  7. Will do,will do. :nice: I'm just crossing my fingers that it'll be this week,if not next week :( .
  8. what is the rwhp with cam alone ? I am ready to get cam but wanted to know how much rwhp I can get with cam.
    As of now I have 265.70 RWHP, so what can I see my rwhp with cam ?

  9. hmm, well you car seems pretty strong for no lts, so ill say a good 285-290. throw on some LTs and you may go 300.

    With stg 2s you should go 29x then after the lts 300+ shoulnt be a problem. :)
  10. How's about my hp predictions with VT Stage 2 cams hotmoosetang? :D

    I dynoed 259rwhp with basically the same mods, except no tuner.
  11. 261.88 rwhp :D
  12. I want cams!But gotta buy other stuff first..
  13. Damn 2V's.. Just aren't mod-friendly at all :bang: :(
  14. :rlaugh:

    Ehh, Jason Im going to say that you SHOULD go closer to 300RWHP. My car has seemed weak on the dyno, ALWAYS. With your mods all I made was 249 :nonono: . Cams= 274 (still weak)...LTs and a few other things= 292 (not to shabby haha)

    Im thinking that cammed 2Vs REALLY like LTs. So both of you may go in the lower 280s until after the LTs.

  15. 2v cost alot mod :bang: ..But hey what can you do..
  16. Well, Since this thread was resurrected I thought of a couple questions-

    1) what was the SOTP meter reading after the install and tune??

    2) There is NO dyno tune place near me, would I be OK with a mail order tune??

    Im planning on doing these cams this summer, provided they are in stock - Im after 300 daily driving RWHP :)
  17. 300 RWHP is not as hard to get as alot of people think... expensive? kinda, but I am within 6 to 8hp with NO intake mods whatsoever. i think a good plenum and throttle body would put me well over (I think I need it and it might actually be hurting me right now without it). Yes I have P&P heads but I think it can be done with stock heads and the right combo/tune.

    edit: and my dyno run was also done on a PCM that was pulling timing (didnt realize it at the time) for no apparent reason it would pull timing and add fuel. If you remeber the graph I posted it looked like a lie detector test lol.
  18. SOTP meter difference was HUGE! It felt like a completely differnt I slapped a little pink bunny under the hood because the tach just kept "going and going and going" LOL. It felt weird passing 6200RPMs and your couldnt "feel" ANY drop off in power. Felt like a freegin 4V. :nice:

    And as far as the mail tunes, I would ONLY trust Tim @ MPH, and maybe M O D U L A R D E P O T :)rolleyes: darn censoring of competeing sites. Its not like stangnet dynotunes car, jeeze). Anywhere else and you dont know what you have, but you would still want to strap it to a dyno to, as Tim has told others, "collect your dyno #s". LOL

    Mustangtuning's mail chip had my A/F @ 14-15 on the dyno :eek: . And I just had a few boltons lol....plenum and a K&N on the intake side, O/R X and CB for exhaust, and an electric WP for kicks. I dont think nailing that tune would be too hard, but apparently it was lol.

    EDIT Steeda, hows the blower instal going?????
  19. Glad you like em! :nice:
  20. keep the posts comming :nice: