Installing windshield and rear glass???

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  1. The last thing I have to do on my 66 is install the windshield and rear glass. I put all new weatherstripping around them and cleaned up the glass. Ive never put a windshield back in before so I could use a little help. I have heard about the string method to help put the weatherstripping in but what order should I go about doing this? I havent put the dash pad in yet should I wait to do that? What other tips should I know before doing this? Thanks
  2. I replaced the windshield on my 64 1/2 and had lots of problems installing the chrome moulding. Make sure your clips are good and the rubber around the windshield is correct. Otherwise you will end up denting the chrome (as I did). I used the string/rope method and worked fine. I think it would be better to install the dash pad first but no experience myself....
  3. anyone else??
  4. Make sure the head liner in as well as for the dash pad i dont know
  5. Dash pad in or out doesn't really matter in terms of the windshield installation. It's probably easier to install the dashpad before the glass is in though, but it can be done either way.
  6. still havent answered your question, huh? try this... put the gasket on the glass. lay it over the pinchweld, with your rope (#4 nylon rope from a weed whacker is about right)at either bottom corner. pulling the rope from the outside to the inside, have someone help you by gently pushing in on the your way around the glass ending up at the other bottom corner. there is a tool, made by lisle, sort of a rod deal with a ball on the end that is made to work the inside lip of the gasket into place. good luck!
  7. don't forget to install those 2 trim pieces that hold the dash pad in at the base of the window.

    it takes an act of god to get those screws lined up with the holes correctly when the windshield is in, but takes like 30 seconds with it out
  8. I used 1/4" thick rope for my installation. The thin nylon just seems too small to me
  9. I thought the rubber seal from the window is suppose to go under the edge of the dash pad??

    Im going to pick up my new windshield right now so hopefully I will have this thing in by the end of the day along with the rear window. I havent driven this thing on the road in about 3 months.
  10. I am having a little trouble. I tried to put in the rear glass last night and I guess you are suppose to put some of the sealer in the gasket where the glass is so I tried that and then realized that a hand cocker is way to hard to use so Im going to but an electric one today. Anyway where is the sealer stuff suppose to go on the rear window? Is is suppose to go on the outer edges or on the bottom edge? If you put it on the bottom edge and then go to put the glass in the rubber gasket will hit touch the crap and then when you pull the gasket over on the inside it will be all over the gasket where you can see it from the inside. So I am assuming you put it on the outer edges?? How much should I use? I have 6 tubes to do 2 windshields and 1 rear glass.