Instructions on how to replace my convertible top.


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Dec 14, 2019
British Columbia
Can anyone help me to locate the instructions on how to replace my convertible top please? I have an '06 S197 , have already purchased the replacement fabric from American Muscle (which has been sitting in a box since this past summer)and I want to change the top myself as a winter project (car is put away every winter since new). If I mess up then I mess up but at least I would like to try.

It would be nicer to have the instructions but try as I have, I simply cannot find any replacement instruction for the 2005-2009 Mustang.

Thank you
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Potomus Pete

Is there a trick , or does my wife just hold it
Mar 7, 2019
Sarasota Florida
Almost all years the same. Im doing mine with the dvd that I got from LMR. I watched the dvd and its quite scary. I would get it and set it up in the garage and follow along. Thats what Im doing soon . Some small important derails need to be followed for the perfect job. Lm ready with pictures to come 1990 5.0


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Dec 14, 2019
British Columbia
I assumed as much that it's the small details that if missed, will translate to a failed project. American Muscle did not provide the instructions (DVD or otherwise) and I like to read the instructions several times before starting.

Thank you sir.
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