Instrument Cluster Lighting - Led's?

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  1. Has anyone used LED's in their stock instrument cluster?
    I was thinking about trying it but not sure if it can be done or if it even is worth it.
    Anybody done this?
  2. I have LED's in mine. They are almost to bright for me, but I also have the white gauge inlays in mine. Personally I like the traditional fillament bulb better. I will probably go back to them if I have instrument cluster out again. With the LED in the bright light indicator it is almost blinding.
  3. I think there's a guy on this forum that deals with that sort of thing. Diode Dynamics Send him a PM and see what he's got.
  4. I wouldnt mind seeing some before and after pics if anyone has any.
  5. I did this conversion. Looks amazing. Got all my lights from I would post pix but honestly the camera doesn't show much difference.
  6. I have to pull the cluster to install a new speedo cable anyway so I thought I might look into the LED conversion.
    Thanks for all the replys and information.
  7. I used LED's from the same website in my otherwise stock 93 cluster and the improvement was very nice, it isn't overbearing looks just right to me.
  8. Which bulbs did you order? Do you happen to remember the part # and quantity?
  9. from the link i posted above

  10. Duh, it would help if I read..:bang:

  11. hey, this is a 95 but i did the same thing :D


    Its dark in some spots but overall i like it :) Post some pics if you do it.

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  12. I ordered all the required bulbs today. I went with the cool white. I kind of like the "blue" glow they give off.
    I'll post before and after pics when I get it done. It won't be until next weekend though.
    I'm going out of town for Thanksgiving to visit family.
    Thanks again for everyones input and photos.
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  13. Mine have a couple dark spots as well in the fox cluster which is just a result of the bulb locations themselves I think, still far better than stock.
  14. Did my LED install over the weekend and as promised, here are the before and after pictures. My crappy cell phone pictures don't do it justice. Looks really clean in person but you can get the idea of the difference. Thanks

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  15. Looks like your red needles went white? Is that just the photo? The top of my speedo is pretty dark with the stock lights. Was wondering if a bulb is out...can't remember if one is located just above the mileage counter....anyone know?
  16. what did it cost? List of parts, and where you got them from ? I did this once on my 00gt in purple and it looked good but 6 mos later my cluster barley lit.
  17. That looks great! I ended up trashing my cluster for a Florida 5.0 setup.. And autometer phantoms... LEDs would be too much for me...
  18. I'm jealous of the 160 MPH speedo...
    But the LED's make it all look awesome. And I love how the needles changed color too.
  19. I bought the LED's from

    Qty | Product / Options | Price/ea |
    9 | WLED-x-x: 194 LED Bulb - 1 LED Wedge Base| $ 1.39 |
    WLED-W-120: Cool White 120 Degree
    6 | WLED-x5: 194 LED Bulb - 5 LED Wide Angle Wedge Base| $ 3.94 |
    WLED-CW5: Cool White

    Total cost was $41.65
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