Instrument panel: blue vs. white vs. stock

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by millhouse, May 4, 2006.

  1. that does look awsome
  2. Does anyone know the size of the maplight bulb, the headliner bulb, and the hatch light bulb. I'd like to replace these with some white led's. This should help the interior lights look more white than yellowish right. Also will the white led's light up the car the same as the stock bulbs? I should be ordering these and some blue led's for my instrument panel here in a bit.
  3. i like the blue aswell.
  4. The ac lights look killer as well...are those 194's as well?
  5. yep, two 194's. super easy to do also.
  6. hmm....just wondering. If I were to get carried away is there some way to change the bulbs in the headlight and hazard switches?
  7. I think you can
  8. those bulbs are smaller and have a different type socket, you remove them with a screwdriver. i would take them out and see if there is a size or part number on them maybe. if not got go to and see if they have a cross reference that will tell you the right size. that would be another easy change to do also. just take them out with a screwdriver, pull the old bulb out, install the led and put it all back in. i drove my car home last night and i'm really starting tolike the whole ford blue interior light thing. it looks like it will be easy to get carried away with this project!
  9. cool thanks alot. Do you think that white led's would work ok for the dome and map lights?
  10. what 194 leds are you guys using? The inverted tip wide view or the round tip narrow viewing angle bulb.
  11. The pics of my setup are with the "Single LED Wedge Base Bulbs" shown here…

    I tried using the white "WLED-x6 LED Wedge Base Bulbs" but found them to be to bright….while at the same time not emitting enough radiant light.
  12. As far as the dome and map lights go….I don’t think the LED's are going to work very well. The dome light requires a broad angle of light illuminate the interior which is not the LED'S forte. The map light may work only because it already has a lens which disperses the light to a broader angle. Either way, the LED's are cheap enough to give it a shot anyways. :nice:
  14. Blue looks good......I am a sucker for the stock color though
  15. anybody thought of the blacklight?
  16. how hard/involved is it to put in the bulbs? and i cant fidn the right bulbs to purchase. when i want to "buy now" it takes me to a different bulb. what the heck lol
  17. It's quite easy really. It will take you the longest to figure out what screws to take out to get the cluster out. Once you get that down though it's cake.

    As far as ordering goes...after you click the buy it now it takes you to a list of the bulbs. Why...I have no idea. Go to the second page and look for " WLED 1-LED bulb ".
  18. i can't check out (pay) on that damn website! :shrug: