Instrument panel: blue vs. white vs. stock

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by millhouse, May 4, 2006.

  1. Hmm...:shrug:

    I will say that their shipping was awesome!
  2. shipping is useless if i can't pay :nonono:
  3. Where exactly is it stopping you?
  4. I also cant order anything. I press add to cart, it says my total is 5 bucks (not right), and then i cant go any farther.
  5. Nevermind, it just magically started working.
  6. i'll try again then. that's the same thing it was doing to me. ok completed the order the website seemed to have a glitch but now it's fine. has anyone tried the green ones yet? i have the autometer NV series 5" tach so i'm wondering how the LED's would look side by side with it.
  7. Chances are the green are going to appear blue…but with less brightness. The stock gauges are more of a blue color…but when combined with the yellowish light from the standard incandescent bulbs they appear green.
  8. i have mac white faces by the way
  9. Cant wait to get mine in all my gauges to FINALLY match my Alpine headunit. Do the leds make the gauges light up faster? Kinda like how HID's light up faster than halogen bulbs? I think if all the gauges popped on real quick it would look cool, or im just a loser.
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  11. i did the green ones, i will post pics tonight they look awesome. i will post the pics when it gets dark. :flag:
  12. ok this was confusing as heak. First i must have been mistaken but i only ordered 8 and i needed to order like 16 or so. And also how in the heak are yours that bright, maby i didnt put them in the right way but i cant tell because i dont know which ones are put in the right way and which ones are not. And i cant see anything during the day anyway so i dont see how you guys did it. MY skinny hand barely fit behind the cluster as well it was such a PITA. How did you guys do it some simply?
  13. There are only 6 bulbs that illuminate the gauges. There are far more bulbs however including all the dummy lights, turn signals etc. The only ones you need to replace are the 6 previously mentioned.

    As far as brightness I've mentioned bofore, they are not as bright as the stock bulbs. The should however illuminate just fine at night.. If your used to the stock brightness you may be a bit dissapointed at first. Also, make sure the bulbs are istalled properly. They are polarized...and as such need to be clocked. You don't need to remove the led from the holder...but just remove the holder and rotate it 180*.

    Yes, if your trying to do everything while wired up you will remove skin from the tops of your hands and forearms. A little trick I did was to turn the lights on for about 30 seconds or so and quickly disconnect the wires to the cluster. You can then feel for the hot bulbs in the back. You may not get them all in one shot though, so you may have to rinse and repeat.
  14. how do you know which ones illuminate just the cluster?

  15. Turn the lights on for about 30 seconds or so and quickly disconnect the wires to the cluster. You can then feel for the hot bulbs in the back. The ones that are hot are the ones that illuminate the gauges.
  16. hmmmm but in order to do that i would have to remove the big black pastic dash part right really quick?
    Thanks for helping its jsut a "cluster" **** lol
  17. on the back of the cluster there is "ill" next to each bulb that is for illumination.
    6 for the cluster and 2 for the ac/heater controls and i purchased an extra 2 for the signal indicators.

  18. did you disconnect all the wiring?
    also if you flip the bulb around in the black piece will it work, or does it not matter which way you plug it in?
  19. with the LED ones it does matter you just have to test each one. if it's dim in one spot then one is in backwards. i think you can do it without disconnecting the wires but i took them out each time. :nice:
  20. i cant really tell if its dim in the day time and if its dark out side i cant do ANYTHING