Instrument panel: blue vs. white vs. stock

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  1. i tried to take a picture but unsuccessful :bang: my new camera dosn't have the "twilight" mode. the green ones aren't as bright as the white or blue but they look great with my autometer NV tach. everything matches and is gentle on the eyes while driving. if i get ahold of better camera from one of my friends i will take a picture.
  2. Here are my B.S. pics

    sorry about the quality but they're the best i can do.
  3. i'm doing my interior now. it was all grey and now im converting to black. all i need is the carpet other than that i have everything in the hatch.
  4. Wow, definitely more of an alien green. :nice:
  5. Thanks. I have a 5" autometer lunar series tach that lights up green so i wanted to stay with the "Green Theme" I didn't have the tach hooked up or my pillar gauges at the time of the photos. :nice:
  6. Blue is nice, the stock colors are boring.
  7. Are the bulbs in the cluster green or are the factory overlays green tinted?
  8. The bulbs are clear...but being an incandescent bulb they emit a yellowish light. The overlays are more of a blue color...but when combined with the standard bulbs the light shining through ends up being green.
  9. So all you did was put in Blue led bulbs with the stock overlays?
  10. You got it. :nice:

  11. Nice thanks, I ordered my lights today. Hopefully it will look as good as yours without having to do gauge overlays. Sorry for bringing the thread back from the dead.
  12. I know it's an old post but the image links are no good and I really wanted a anyone?
  13. Yea same