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Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 347Fastback, Dec 13, 2003.

  1. What are you guys using for instrument panels... My 65 fastback has some guages that where thrown in the car and half do not work. The factory wiring is still there. The car is a 65 and I want to know which cluster setup does it take??? Does anybody have a site for putting plan autometers in a 65. I just want reliable guages and this has really got me fired up... :mad:
  2. Unless it's a GT, '65's used the cluster with the idiot lights, so the factory wiring you have should match that type of cluster. Definitely can't put autometers in that, and if you tried, it would be an incredible waste of time. But if you are interested, I've got an extra '65 cluster I can sell you. Plus, there is potential for fire when using the nearly 40 year old wiring, as insulation becomes brittle with age and can flake off, making it possible for short circuits/arcing to occur.

    I would either try to find a '65 GT or '66 used cluster, or go new with a JME or Haneline. I think the JME looks pretty hot. There is also a 6 hole Shelby R type of panel that some parts suppliers have in their catalog, but I've never seen one installed to know how clean it looks.
  3. How much for the cluster?? I am off to pony enterprises today to see what he has. I am going to keep it simple and just go back to stock setup... This is just a weekend car...
  4. Let me research what it's worth if you are really interested. My personnal opinion is that you would be wasting your time. This cluster came as a spare with my car when I bought it, and I've never used it so I don't know if and can't guarantee that everything works, and as far as I know no one makes a replacement fuel level or temp guage for the early cluster. The information that it tells you is extremely limited, and if you are going with a 347, you should have a complete set of guages to let you keep a close eye on everything, unless of course you go with gauges under the dash similar to GP's setup. I'll PM you so no one accuses this of becoming a classified add.