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  1. check these instrument panels out...

    these are really nice looking...outrageously expensive, but nice looking. does anyone know if a company has a set up for 69/70? jme says they are coming soon, but not when or how much. I have a '69 i would like to put them in. anyone put them in their cars? let's see pics...
  2. Yes. If you pull out your dash panel and send it Haneline, they will install new gauges for $550. (click "dash panels" on upper right side of screen, the "Ford", and scroll down).

    I am going this route myself
  3. thanks jerry, have you already sent them your inst. panel? post pics when done...are you going w/ the guages shown? some of the others on there looked pretty nice, don't know if they would mount them on the 69 or if you have to go w/ what's shown though...

    btw, you have some weird hobbies there like to hunt and shoot dogs and mustangs? :D
  4. Weird hobbies? They shoot horses, don't they?

    I will be having my panel done but right now, I am up to my eyeballs in mods that are being undertaken as I write this. My pony in Beaver Falls, PA having the following installed:

    1. Global West Stage 5 suspension (including their Category 5 leaf springs)
    2. Headman long tube headers
    3. Vintage wheel works Vintage 45 16x8 wheels
    4. Toyo Proxis T1-S tires
    5. TCP Manual rack and pinion
    6. other cosmetic touches (Grant shelby style mahogony steering wheel, etc)
    7. Traction bars (exactly which ones have yet to be decided)

    And I still have to ship it to Europe and pay the duty on it. Even with the Euro being so strong, it would be irresponsible of me to have the gauges done right now. But at this exchange rate, how can I afford NOT to do it? Oh what the hell....