#@&!*$% Insurance Companies!!!!

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    I have 2 Mustangs. I am one guy living by myself and yet they tell me it'll cost exactly the same ammount of money to insure both cars. Over $2000/yr total for full coverage.

    I can only drive one car at a time. I've not had an accident in over 6 years. I've not had a speeding ticket (any ticket) in over 8 years. And my credit (which they apparently use to determine rates) is really good. Mother F-n' theves they are.

    I was going to get collector car insurance since I don't even drive it that much but they won't cover it if it isn't part a "collection" since it's newer than 1974.

    WTF!?!? :mad: :bang:

    I feel a little bit better now.

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  2. haha your doing good boss... i have a 91 stang and a 89 toyota 4wd truck and i pay 2000 a year liability... i had a ticket about 4 years ago and i have great credit.. just getting ready to buy a house... i live 1 h south of Washington DC so i guess i live in a metropolitan area... a guy that works with me has a 2005 nissan maxima and pays 1200 yr for full coverege but he lives in PA ... he works here in MD now so he wanted to switch insurance and get MD tags... they wanted 2500 yr for full coverage so he decided to keep his PA tags hahha... dont blame him... good luck
  3. i have a 95 gt and a 91 gt both full coverage and i only pay 113 a month for both
  4. i pay $26 a month but im listed as a "partial driver" yea ok :p
  5. I have had my license for about 8 months. I am 21 years old and I have already totaled one car and it was my fault. I have my own insurance with limited tort. I do not have any tickets and I live just outside Philly. I pay 130 a month on insurance. I have USAA..
  6. are you using Allstate by chance? I have my 88 GT and I am paying 1600/year for full coverage and haven't had any tickets other than tint in the last 15yrs. same goes with accidents.

    I also have the problem of them using my credit which on paper is looking good(0 late payments on everything from the beginning, not overdrawn on anything either) but they keep telling me my credit is a hazard for them. plus in my area they tell me I am not judged by my driving record alone.

    I am also rated by those around me. I was told that my area has alot of claims so because of this I have to pay more. they say since accidents happen most within blocks of your home this makes my car a risk of getting hit by one of these bad drivers. which of course I have this one kid who has been driving for around 6yrs. and has totaled over twice that. it ticks me off because he keeps getting new cars after every wreck and has no problem getting insured. :mad: :mad: :notnice:
  7. My car is under my dad's name, and I'm on my parent's plan with a "75% driver" or something. It is my car, I paid for it and everything, but just for pl/pd, 6 months it was $330. It's crazy.

    I was going to get a 01 T/A until the insurance was at the cheapest $1400 for full coverage, 6 months. I've had no tickets, crashes, ect. I'm 19, turning 20 in July and it sucks major ass.
  8. No, I'm currently with Erie Insurance Group. I talked to Allstate and they were dollar for dollar the same money. The girl I'm seeing works for an Insurance Broaker/Agency and she's a little suspect of what I'm paying. She's gonna run the numbers for me and see if I can save some money with any other carriers.

    What makes me most angry is I have this sweet convertible and last year I never drove it because I couldn't afford the insurance. I don't want to drive it as my everyday car, just sometimes and they want me to pay like it's driven everyday of the week. It's so damn irritating.
  9. I agree it's irritating, I just got a new SUV to drive in the winter, so the Stang is parked for the winter, so limited driving. My wife also has a car, so i'm insuring 3 cars.
    I too asked about the limited driving/pleasure driving of the Mustang. I also have a major insurance carrier and their response was that they don't insure cars with the limited mileage anymore unless you have a special plate. They just treat is as another vehicle as if you were driving it. I assume it was because some people would cheat, but not sure of this.
    So it's just their new policy. Sucks doesn't it. I know I'm not paying as much as you, but a couple hundred dollars for something I'll drive about 1000 miles a year isn't worth it.IMO, but I would hate to sell the car. Another option is to take the license plate off and let it sit, but I want to drive it, legally.
  10. you should feel good to be paying that cheap for full coverage!!!!! i have to pay 3200 for my stang for just the basic keep my car on the road. so just think if ur paying a lot think about other who have to pay much more for less :( (and thats with no tickets or crashes)
  11. lx302 - does your insurance offer anything about the category your car is under. my insurance has me down as a student and i am in a situation where i will be away for like a month and a half and i wont be driving my car at all. they said that they can put my car under storage to try and save me money. im not sure if what i said makes sense or if your insurance offers anything like that, but id suggust giving em a call.

    btw, i go to school right near bethlehem.
  12. What makes me sick is that I know people with DUI's, totaled multiple cars, always getting tickets and causing wrecks but don't pay much for insurance but they drive mini-vans and such. Insurance companies charge "sports" cars more so they can afford to give the mini-van moms really low rates. Some insurance companies will even admit it. A lot of compainies have rased thier rates consistantly with the gas price increases. It seems they say it's thier "right".

    I have Hartford (Omni) which I pay a little under $2K a year with no tickets/accidents in 5 years for full coverage on my '02 Silverado. My truck could cause a lot more damage than a foxbody and would be much more expensive to fix or replace if stolen. It is also at the top of the most stolen car list. Go figure. The Mustang isn't insured due to it not running.

    TIP: A buddy of mine was paying near $300 a month on his Z28. I sold him my old Grand Am and he got it insured as his main car and the Z28 as his secondary car, his rates dropped over $100 a month. So what I am trying to say is get an old POS, (like a 80's corolla) it doesn't even have to run, really it doesn't even have to be yours I don't think, and insure it as your main car and your mustang as the secondary car, see what happens to the rates.
  13. I wanted bike insurance but i cant afford it because it is 3000 a year :( . I think it is highway robbery. That is through progressive also. It is a R6 yamaha but would you rather pay off a 20,000 harley or a 3500 R6? it just doesnt make sense to me but oh well i am with ya man
  14. Here's a tip I've been doing for years. Works in New York State. Not sure about other States but it's worth looking into. Once I put my convertible away for the winter I reduce it's insurance coverage to only comprehensive. That way if the garage catches on fire or falls in or something the car will still be fixed or replaced. Only costs a little bit and still gives you protection from total loss if something does happen.

    To do this in NY you have to put your license plates in "storage" at the DMV. In my county they charge a $1 fee (yes I said one dollar) to store your plates at the DMV. They give me a little green card that says they have the plates and I can reduce the insurance to just comprehensive.
  15. and how oldare you? i'm 22, in sept ill be 23, thats why i pay so much... when i'll be 25 insurance will be twice as low as it is now... btw i have State Farm, in 1 year i'll go with Erie...
  16. haha tried to do he same thing.. just switched to State Farm... i have a 89 4WD toyota and 91 mustang.. i have h/i/c s/c about 15k in the stang.. so what i wanted to do is to put the truck as my primary.. i dont drive the satang that much anyway, just in weekends.. but they said they can ponly insure the most exensive vehicle as primary so mustang had to be the primary vehicle... :shrug: weird... what kind of insurabce thos buddy of yours has? and how old is he?
  17. If you think your insurance is too high, then shop around. I just added a truck and a racecar to our 3 mustangs. So thats 5 vehicles and 3 drivers, one of which is our 16 yr old girl. It runs $3000 a year for all of them. The girl has her own policy and is excluded from ours. There is no comp or collision on any of them except the 04 stang, its the only one financed. Its funny how it can work, I added two vehicles and switched companies and our rates went down.

    If you guys are paying comp and collision on a 10-15 yr old stang you might want to reconsider. Unless you have it insured for an agreed value, they are going to give you about $1200 for it. Your premium for comp/coll. will exceed that in 2 yrs so its a waste of $. :notnice:
  18. speaking of full coverage, what kind of deductibles do you guys carry? I keep 250.00 on everything. if we wanted no comp/collision on our car it was still just over 450.00/6 months. I looked at it like this: 450.00 for no coverage, 760.00 for complete coverage. might as well pay the extra.
  19. Hadn't thought about that.
  20. I paid $2800 for my stang 5 yrs ago. It would have been over $500 a yr to put full coverage on it. That effectively would have doubled my cost. Well 5 yrs times $500 bucks is about what I paid for the car and I have saved that in insurance. I have around $4000 in mods done to it now, but that would not be covered anyway. If its wrecked I will fix it myself and use the $ I saved for paint. the mods can be swapped over to another stang if its totalled. I just dont have much $ in the body, the car has been mechanically sound since I got it. Its a daily driver so I cant justify putting $ in it to make it look nicer. It looks decent, that is all.