Insurance for a 17 year old?

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  1. I'm 20 and I have a 95 gt convertible with low-jack, I have 2 points on my license, at least 6 misdemeanors. I only pay $95 a month with farmers for full coverage.
  2. i strongly recommend getting a multi-car discount( get 2> cars under your insurance)
  3. I'll have it under my parents policy, which includes 4 cars already, plus our home owners insurance, so I can expect a discount thanks to all that. Thanks!

  4. Well I'm always kind of on the hunt for one. I haven't really found a nice one around my area for some time, but I was curious as to how much insurance it would cost me, to basically figure out if I was wasting my time even looking.

    My Dad got me a quote on a 97 Cobra coupe. Just a basic call the Insurance Company and ask about it really. They did all the quote for when I turn 19(which i dont get why though). Its gonna be like $3760 a year. Over $300 a month. OUCH

    So to answer the question no, I really didnt find or buy one. Sorry if i misled you or anything there. I can find all I want now, but the buying part is gonna take awhile unfortunately. It's funny too cause Ive already got a lot of mods picked out and Im like 5 years or whatever away from even having the car!
  5. Ouch, that is a lot of money to part with each month! Sorry to hear about that.

    Where are you finding these used Cobra's, I can't find em' anywhere around here. I've got modifications picked out already too, and a sound system already planned out.
  6. Ok, I live in the Des Moines area, am 19 years old, have a 1997 Mustang Cobra and 1975 Dodge Dart, and am with State Farm. I have the multicar, good student, and steer clear discounts. What it all comes down to, roughly 140/month for the cobra, and 30/month for the dart. That is full coverage with $500 deductables on the cobra and liability on the dart. Whereever you end up for insurance, ask them about discount programs they offer such as state farm's Steer Clear program. Its freaking easy and saves about %20!!!


  7. Ok, I'll bite. What exactly is this "steer clear" program all about? :shrug: Granted, it saves ya 20% - that's great. Details, please...inquiring minds want to know! Thanks.
  8. Well all I have is good student discount I believe. I'm starting to think that possibly my parents insurance company is just real expensive. I'm paying 80 dollars a month for insurance on an 87 Chevy Station Wagon(listed as primary driver) and thats JUST for liability.
    One thing I have heard, in the case of high school kids driving, if you tell the insurance company that the kid will be driving for lets say, just work, or just to school, or for family errands and such, and tell them that no one under 18 will be riding with you, they give you a nice discount. Thats what I've heard ill have to look into it more.
    There is also another discount I heard with college. It has something to do with whether or not you live on campus and drive or just drive to school. Again, I'll have to look more into it.

    As for finding the Corbas, I search Ebay every once in awhile, but thats more for just checking them out, because I wouldn't trust buying a car off of Ebay. Also, I check up on Autotrader for my area. They usually have a few 96-98 Cobras for sale around. They sometimes have a good selection, other times its all junk. Another way is kind of word of mouth. I have a few friends into cars and Mustangs and you just hear about so and so selling this car or getting this car from here or there.
  9. When I was 19 when I first bought my '96, I paid 1600 for 6 months under my name, full coverage, $500 deductible, good student discount, good credit, no tickets. My parents insurance rose when I turned 16, but not when I bought the cobra. I bought an explorer and saved more money on the cobra.

    It's unsured now as a nice-day cruiser, less than 3k miles per year, multi-car discount, and I joined a credit union just to save about 12% on both vehicles! I will never drive it without full coverage... too many things could happen and I really don't want to think about the car being wrecked and not covered.
  10. Also, go to at least 4 different places. State farm wanted 3000 for 6 months, state farm wanted 2700, and I recently checked progressive - 2400 for 6 months. Last year I paid like 900 when it got insured as a pleasure only vehicle.