intake air temperature sensor

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  1. i need help locating the intake air temperature(IAT) sensor on a 2003 V6 mustang..anybody know??
  2. If I remeber correctly, it is integrated into the MAF housing or something starting in '01, so you don't have a seperate little IAT sensor thing.

    Are you asking because you want to install a CAI and you have an extra hole for the IAT? If so, you just plug it.

    I have a '00, so I'm not totally sure on this. Hopefully someone with an '01+ can confirm this.

  3. Correct...
  4. yeah your going to have to plug it like i did on my 2002...the best thing i can think of are the little plastic caps used for the trunk holes for a plug along with some real sticky sealent to block off any air...I will be doing that maybe today since i have just a little rubber plug in it for now so air is escaping just not as much untill i really seal it up
  5. alrite so the IAT sensor is part of the MAF sensor and there are like 6 wires or so, which ones are for the IAT sensor because what im trying to do is hook this resistor to the IAT sensor to cheat the sensor into telling it that colder air is actually passing through the intake to increase my horsepower
  6. Just start shooting at your car with a high powered rifle - you will do less damage than what you're talking about.
  7. ???how so???
  8. im confused as to why tricking the computer into thinking cold air is coming through is going to give u more hp. if more cold air does actually come through then u will see an increase in power but tricking the computer?? maybe someone can explain this better but i dont think it'll work
  9. i dont know how it works, but ive heard about that trick before too. i was told it works, but not how
  10. tricking your engine into thinking anything that is not right will cause either too much fuel to be injected in the engine or not enough, or some air mix incorrectly, do some searches on google you'll find out why you shouldn't do it. I'm too tired to think after today. But i'll just say this - if it is such a great idea, why don't manufacturers do this as a standard procedure?
  11. my guess is gas mileage if the injectors are gonna be squirting in more fuel.. maybe emissions :shrug:
  12. because the manufacturers are not performance oriented on 99.9% of the vehicles they sell
  13. ok i'm sick of this debate. Manufacturers ARE wanting to produce the most bang for their buck out of any car on the line. This looks good in numbers against the other guys, and also is a great selling feature. If they could do something this simple to give a few extra HP, then they would surely do it. The reason they don't do these things are simple... it's not completely safe. It would wind up with them fixing a lot of broken parts. I sure as hell wouldn't, but you do what you want to.
  14. if they make them as powerful as they can, then why doesnt the mustang have 600 hp like carol shelby says it can easily do right now from the factory? manufacturers dont care if a competitors care is .1 of a second faster than theirs, as long as it sells. we performance enthusiasts, on the other hand, do care about every .1 we can shave off. big difference. its not hard to put on a free flowing air filter or route the air induction tubing more smothly, but they dont do any of that either. nothing like that would break. all they care about is gas mileage and longevity, and the bottom line
  15. If something as simple and cheap as this really resulted in a ~5hp+ gain, and it didn't hamper reliability or fuel efficiency, Ford would do it, because a little extra power could help sales. The fact that NO ONE does this from the factory says that it either DOES or could hamper reliability or fuel efficiency.

    In the case of a 600hp Mustang, reliability will go down, even if just a little, and fuel efficiency will likely drop. Also, they're likely at the point of diminishing returns. If someone was buying the car for it's power, it's already got 500hp. Spending the money to get to 600hp isn't going to result in many more sales.
  16. ok this seems pretty obvious to me but why would the manufacturer try to trick their own on board computer? id have to disagree with the fact that manufacturers are trying to produce the most bang for the buck especially with the v6. fords not going to want to make an extremely powerful six that can run with gts because itl bring down sales of gts. also manufacturers are known for giving hp numbers that are actually on the low side. just my pair of pennies
  17. It will get more sales when GM drops an LS7 (think Z06) in an SS camaro and smokes the gt 500 in a straight line and on the road course with an independent rear. the v6 is not a performance car from the factory, plain and simple. its not meant to be, its not marketed that way. thats why they choose mileage over performance.
  18. That's somewhat my point. Ford isn't going to hurt the reliability or fuel efficiency of the V6 for a few hp, but would certainly go for a solution that gives even a little hp if it didn't have those trade-offs. Obviously, this little computer-tricking device DOES have some trade-offs, or they would do it. Performance-oriented or not, if they could say the car has 215hp instead of 210hp for $10, and it didn't hurt gas mileage or cause other problems, they would do it. However, I have a feeling this thing might do both.
  19. :D