Engine Intake And Throttle Body Questions

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  1. I'm planning on dropping my explorer 5.0 into my 94 mustang and have a few questions. The engine has already been converted for use with a fox body, but I yanked the engine from my fox before I sold the car. It's standard gt40 heads and intake not gt40P, tfs1 cam, and scorpion 1.6 pedestal mount rockers.

    I'd like to keep the sn95 throttle body setup, I'm not interested in a fox conversion. In the searching I've been doing, it sounds like I don't need larger than 65 or 70mm throttle body. Does this sound right? It looks like edlebrock makes a 70mm elbow and trickflow makes a 75mm elbow.

    My question is, which elbow and throttle body size would I be best going with for my combo? Should I get the edlebrock 70mm elbow, a 70mm throttle body, and open up the gt40 intake port to 70mm? Would the trickflow elbow be overkill? Or would I be better off bolting a 65mm throttle body to the 70mm elbow and leave the upper intake alone?

    Appreciate any input you guys may have.
  2. Do 70mm TB, elbow, and intake inlet. Should work well with the heads and cam.
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  3. best thing would be to open up that intake to 70mm. it's best to keep all three the same size. would it kill you to just bolt up the 70mm T/B & elbow? no, but you will be necking down the air which will cause some HP lose. we're not talking anything noticeable from the seat-o-pants dyno, maybe only a couple ponies.
  4. Thanks for the input. That makes sense about matching them all up. I'll be picking up a 70mm setup for sure. Looks like it'll be an edlebrock elbow with a bbk throttle body. I wish accufab made throttle bodies for the 94/95.