Intake manifold and heads

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  1. Ive been out of the country for a while and havent been up on mods for my car. 2002 Gt. I have been waiting for a intake manifold for my car, besides the bullit manifold. has anything come out. and if it has has anybody seen dyno numbers on them. I saw the power plus typhoon intake manifold but i dont think thats out yet. I would love some feedback because im looking and buying one soon. Also any suggestions on heads would be great as well. Im either gonna port my heads and get new cams or just buy a whole new set.
  2. MPH stage 2.5 heads with some stage 1 N/A cams maybe VTs they sound mad good.
  3. Positive Displacement blowers make great intake manifolds. :D

    The Typhoon is a waste of money IMO. Check out the Fox Lake Manifolds
  4. Agree with both points :nice:
    Not gonna worry about my intake cracking and it only cost alittle more then a bullitt kit...but i think it will add more power then the bullitt intake :p

  5. The P-51 from fox lake is:

    P-51 Manifold kit -$1299.00 USD

    And isnt that thing designed for big HP N/A cars and blown / nitrous cars?
    I thought the typhoon supposed to be around $500 was more for a street car that isnt all out....I dunno thats why im asking since thats a lot of $$$$$ difference between the two.
  6. I don't think i'd shell out the 1300 for the Fox Lake unless its all i had left to gain HP...the Typhoon is still not in production and unproven so i'll wait for real world tests from actual members not investing companies. I chose a positive displacement blower to replace my intake so i don't have any of those issues...I know my intake makes power :p
  7. Yea I would like to see some regular members from the boards get some indepedent dyno testing established before I even think about getting the typhoon...I know 5.0 tested one but it was on a modded car that already made 300 like to see what it does on a stock GT or close to stock...hopefully it works out though we have been waiting for a long time for an actual manifold that is decently priced.
  8. The HPS Intake goes on sale this month as well, should be slightly better than the typhoon
  9. did you have a website where i could see the positive displacement blower intake. i looked online and couldnt find it. just found a bunch of websites on superchargers
  10. kenne bell is what he's talking about I think, the blower IS the intake
  11. heres a few
    can also check
    and Ford Racing