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  1. so after about 3 months of not having my car i got it back and noticed that my intake manifold was leaking at the notorious crossover section where they seem to crack...mines an 00 so it's the plastic one and not the aluminum one..

    anyway i pulled the thermostat housing off, checked for any cracks, put a new gasket on and drove it around a bit.. when i had the housing off, there were no cracks to be found anywhere... it was completely clean and smooth on the inside and around the edges..

    the new gasket seemed to do the trick until the next day when i was at a gas station i heard a sizzle when i closed my door.. so i popped the hood and seen that at the crossover it had been leaking again....nothing like before but still it was leaking... when i first noticed the leak it was just pouring out, this time just the plastick was only a tad wet.... well after a few days more of driving that's all it seemed to do... yesterday, i opened the hood and found a puddle of coolant

    is this a sign of my intake warping or going bad or something? i was gonna take the crossover back off and try and seal it with some permatex :shrug: any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated..heres a pic:

    the green arrow points to where it is leaking from

    Ill get some more pics posted up later

    and yes, i know, the engine needs cleaned...i live on a shatty dirt road and i just got the car back after 3 1/2 months and havnt had a chance to clean it since all its done is rain...which is all it had done before i took the car to get everything done
  2. That's the EXACT spot that the plastic intake on my 98 GT started leaking. We couldn't see a crack either, but it was definitely leaking. I would get the motor warm, then wipe away any water or moisture on the intake at that spot, and see if you see any moisture form around that spot.

  3. will did you fix yours?
  4. Intake coolant leak!

    I hate to be the one to give you the bad news, but, you will need to have your intake manifold replaced. The 1st picture below is from my sons intake, the 2nd picture is from another person from one of the forums. Both of our intakes, and hundreds of others, including you, have coolant leaks in the same exact spot, just below the thermostat housing. These two pictures were taken after the intakes were removed. They are of the bottom views of the coolant port where your leak is at. I have numerous threads posted on the matter on various Mustang Forums. If you are interested in the cause of your coolant leak, you can review all of my posts concerning these coolant leaks, or you can email me if you like at: [email protected]. Good luck, Tommy.



  5. Posted via Mobile Device i figured i was gonna be replacing it..i was just hopĂ­ng maybe it was fixable...oh well i guess ill be upgrading..thanks for the info and pics!
  6. Yea, I replaced mine. But since I have a NPI car, putting on the PI intake, worth close to 15 hp, as a replacement isn't all that bad. :D

  7. just replace it, dont bother with that plastic pos. i did, and now im happy, gives me great relief knowing my manifold will not self destruct after the timer runs out, and is way better too.

  8. Posted via Mobile Device thats what im getting ready to do..i was just hoping for some miracle cure to the problem since i just dropped a ton of cash in this car getting it blown and such
  9. Well a replacement PI intake with aluminum crossover should only run you $200ish, with gaskets. The installation is a piece of cake, as long as you have tools and patience. I did it twice on my '97 (don't ask)
  10. plastic coolant crossover, only solution is replace with aluminum crossover intake.

    I have a NPI intake with aluminum crossover that I would be willing to give away for cost of shipping. PM me if interested.