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is a non plastic intake worth it?

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  1. Hi everyone!
    I am new here. I'm on my cellphone. When I get to my laptop I will make a proper introduction.

    I have a 2001 Ford Mustang GT 4.6/281 SOHC 2v
    The wonderful composite plastic intake manifold broke. Where the giant tube comes out and into the heater core became brittle and just snapped off. I DO NOT want to buy another composite with aluminum runner manifold from dorman for 149 $ and its pointless to get a used unit... its a big job to put one of these on. Yet 899 $ for a nice trick flow unit is not ib my budget. Does any one know of any suggestions for a nice after market piece? Maybe one being sold in any classifieds? Is it even worth getting a nin composit unit? My car only has 88k on her. Thanks for the help!

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  2. The Dorman piece is junk and is known for issues....genuine FRPP is the way to go around $225

    The install is not bad and can be done with basic hand tools and a little time. Mark stuff with tape and numbers if it helps you

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  3. The intake replacement is intimidating to consider attempting. However, like was mentioned above, it is really not difficult at all. I did mine in a few hours. FRPP PI intake is the only really good option unless you forking out $900 for the Trick Flow.
  4. I have the Professional Products intake manifold. It is a good upgrade and several hundred dollars less than the Trick Flow manifold. You can get the manifold with plenum and 75mm TB for about a little over $600. The satin one is less than the polished. They install the exact same way as your stock manifold. I recommend them. I have had that on my car for about 6 years now.
  5. op, why do you say its pointless getting a used intake? good deals can be found on quality pieces