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  1. I installed a nitrous system on my 2003 mustang gt and I had a couple questions about the hoses near the intake. I uploaded a picture from my car to help as the question. I installed the nitrous lines a little low so you can see that one of the nitrous lines is pressing down on hose "A". What does hose "A" do and will it be a problem that its being pressed down on? Now hose "B" i noticed that when i rev the engine hose "b" makes a sucking noise and you can see the hose scrunching and squeezing itself in. What is that hose and why is it doing that?

    Thanks for any help :)

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  2. Hose A is the hose from the CAI to the drivers side valve cover. Hose B is PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) to the intake plenum.

    They are part of the engines pressures and vacuum system. Metered air comes in past the MAF on the CAI. It then goes into Hose A and is sucked into the drivers side valve cover. Air then moves through the engine and is ejected through the PCV valve on the passenger side valve cover, then into the intake.

    It shouldn't matter much about hose A being pressed down on. If it was me, I would get a thicker piece of hose and put that where hose A is so that it isn't smashed like it is. For Hose B, I would get a new elbow so that it does not squeeze. That does not look like the factory elbow, so if it making a sucking noise, it might have a leak. In fact, that looks like the correct hose, but way too much hose after the elbow. If you get the factory part, you will notice it just connects to the PCV valve, then a 90* elbow into the plastic hose. There should be a little "hose stop" ridge that will fit perfectly up to that elbow. If you are hearing air "sucking" around it, then it is more than likely leaking. That could let unmetered air into your engine and cause a lean condition (not good).

  3. If I move the nitrous lines up about a inch up, drill a new hole for it, and plug the old one would I have any issues?

    Do I need this hose?

    Or I just need the elbow? I've been looking around on the internet for the elbow that I need but I'm not too sure. Can you point me to a website with the elbow that I need?

    I went out and looked at it and the hose just connects to the valve cover. Theres no pcv valve or anything. I'm guessing I need to buy that and the elbow?