Engine Intake Runner Motion Control Plate - Actuator - '05 Gt

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  1. I bought my super low mileage GT last year and have been completely happy with one glaring exception. I'm a very conservative driver for the most part.

    The car is very strong in low and mid-range acceleration but very flat above this; doesn't sound right either with its 'blat-blat' sound accompanying the flat acceleration. I've always suspected the intake runners weren't opening up properly or the exhaust was partially plugged. No 'check engine' light is illuminated. The top end acceleration is no better than my Ranger 4WD or my previous V6 Mustang.

    I'm rarely home to drive it and money is an issue at the moment. Another forum stated this could be the result of a bad actuator/ sensor? Another comment in the same thread said he was informed he would have to buy a brand new manifold? Hoping someone knowledgable will point me in the right direction.
  2. It would be easier to eliminate the IMRC motors but you will need a handheld tuner and a tune to compensate. If you do not want that then yes you need to buy a complete manifold where the IMRC motors have nit been touched, they need precision installation to function properly
  3. Thanks for the reply.

    Is any of the stock manifold assembly owner serviceable?
  4. I may be answering my own question with a bit of self research. On the 2005 GT, these assemblies are referred to as Charge Motion Control Valves, or CMCV for short. The 2005 - 2008 units are separate assemblies from the manifolds while the assembly was molded into the 2009 and 2010 manifolds. It seems that a popular 'upgrade' was to remove these items and install CMCV delete plates along with the requisite new tune so the motor would function properly. I also see mention of an 'oil separator' device that is apparently mounted between the air intake plumbing and the pcv valve to keep excess oil from gunking up everything in the intake tract.

    All comments are appreciated. I've owned this car for nearly 18 months and this is the first real research I've done to date.
  5. I have CMCV deletes and oil separator on my personal Mustang and yes a tune is required. PM me if you have any further questions.

  6. I see you sell these items on your website. I'll be in touch.
  7. Let us know which direction you go. Sometimes I swear my old '99GT ran better than my low-mileage '06GT does. Wondering if something like this could be going on with mine, although with the low mileage, I'm inclined to think not.
  8. I went to a local dealer today; experienced technician drove the car, reviewed history and checked for codes. His diagnosis: (1).I don't drive the car enough. (2). It's not broken in yet. (3).I need to drive it more 'enthusiastically'(!) (4).The 2005 Super Chips tune is completely out of date.

    He stated the CMCV system is working properly but the current tune needs to be updated. The original owner sold me the Super Chips hand held unit he purchased after he bought the car early in 2005. Tech stated a newer manifold (C&L, FRPP) without the cmcv system, newer CAI and updated tune would work wonders. Car also has a 2005 K&N CAI system installed - stock exhaust. Tech also stated the FRPP X-Pipe would give tangible gains.
  9. Yeah the cold air intake/tuner combo apparently does wonders for these cars. I just haven't pooled the necessary funds together yet. I'll turn over 10k miles this week - I'm assuming that is considered broken in. If I were you, I'd probably look into a SCT tuner for the car and ditch the Superchips one. If nothing else, sell it on eBay. Return the car to the stock tune first! I don't believe a SCT/Diablo will work on a non-stock tuned car.
    I did read something about the throttle-by-wire system on the new models not giving full throttle when you mash it. Dunno if there is anything to it, but that would certainly explain the sluggish feeling compared to my old '99GT.