Engine Intake Swap

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  1. hey what is the difference between the 5.0 coyote intake manifold and the boss 302 intake manifold? intake size, port size, runner length, throttle body size? thanks for the help
  2. runner length...it really adds nothing until the upper rpm's and requires a tune,,it will void your warranty per the new factory bulletin
  3. What vfast said. Don't waste your time. Longer runners benefit the Boss by allowing it to breath better at high RPMs so it can continue building power to the Boss Coyote's 7500 RPM redline. Unless you get a tune and raise the factory rev-limiter on the regular GT to 7500 (strongly not recommended) and actually wind it out that far, you won't be able to get any of that benefit, and you'll actually lose some low and mid-RPM torque.
  4. well, thanks for the info, my situation is it is going on a navigator engine. whereas the ports dimensions, spacing and distance between heads is almost right on the money. so i was wondering if i should use the boss 302 so i dont have to move my alternator even though i wont be able to spin that high to utilize the high rpm runners or should i use the coyote because the length will give me good torque (which i love torque :D) and i should be able to spin just enough for this intake, but i have to move the alternator. any suggestions
  5. isn't the nav a 5.4?
  6. yes the 5.4 navi motor. its a stock longblock for now. im wondering if i could fit the boss under my hood.
  7. Yea as far as I know the BOSS intake will not fit 4.6L/5.4L cylinder heads. The only similarity from the 4.6L family to the 5.0L is the bellhousing pattern.
  8. will not fit...
  9. actually it has been done. the ports are less than .125" in port size, they share about the same distance in both dimensions, from head to head and from port to port. i have a coyote intake and it works. there are a couple out there with working boss 302 intakes on the navi engine. it only takes minor mods. it will not work on 4.6's though
  10. Hey im new to this forum but not to cars, this post actually was the reason why i decided to join the forum , it seems like some of the commets are really misinformed , longer runners on an intake manifold will give you gains on the low rpm band as per short runners will give you better high rpm. To make it basic english , longer runners will help your torque while shorter runners will help your top speed , on longer runners the air get to your TB with more velocity but higher temperature because of the lenght of the runner while on shorter runners the air has a lower velocity but ussually has a lower temperature which creates less air density.
    I hope this help you on your main question , you pretty much gotta decide which way you want your build to go , better 0-60 or try to catch a higher mph
  11. Your right, which is why the Boss 302 intake manifold has shorter runners then the regular Coyote 5.0 intake.
    98stanggt22 to answer your question the Boss 302 manifold improves high rpm breathing and increases h.p. at high rpms, It also changes the torque curve raising the rpm at which peak torque is produced. How well this will work with your combo I have no clue. I also have no idea if it will fit under your stock hood. If I had to guess I would say no.
  12. Then i would stick with the longer runner IM,the difference is big when it comes to Long/short runners , try go go PP,that would be a better investment