Intake, Throttle Body, and Mass Air

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  1. Im getting an Edelbrock Performer intake and an Edelbrock 70mm throttle body/egr spacer. I know I want a Pro-M mass air meter but don't know which one. I need it to work with my BBK fenderwell cai. Theres 77/80mm and theres a 75mm bullet. The pictures I saw of the 77/80mm on the pro-m site all had an air filter mounted to them. Is this how they come or are those not for my application? Whats a good place to buy Pro-M meters?

    Clay G.
  2. Here is something you may be intersted in. I just sent Pro-M an e-mail concerning this very subject.
    Here is the copy.

    I am interested in buying a pro-m meter. My application is as follows.

    1992 5.0 Mustang 5 speed
    Procharger P-1SC 9lb boost w/ 3 core intercooler.
    Pro Products upper and lower as well as 70mm t/b and egr spacer
    30# injectors
    BBK cold air intake
    255 lph in tank Holley as well as extrernally mounted pump supplied w/ procharger kit.
    Kirban afpr

    What meter could you recommend and how much cost?

    What is your return and refund policy?

    I purchased a 75 mm pro-m blow through a few months ago and the car ran terrible. The merchant was kind enough to refund my money. Not sure if this was the propper meter for my application or I just got a defect. Just worried about having the same problem again.

    They're response

    The Pro M 80mm is the best value it is on sale for $199. I would also ditch the BBK cold air and get the Pro M cold air kit. The cold air kit costs $220. This is the best value for you and the best performance for your car. 90 day money back guarantee.

    My reply back

    The pro m 80 mm looks like it has to have a filter bolted at the one end. Is this true? If so, I will not be able to use this type. As I said, I have an intercooler so I can not have a filter on one end. It needs to be a replacment style like the oem or the bullit style. It needs to be open on both ends, no flange. Is this style made in the 80mm. I did not see one on the web site.

    Still waiting for a reply back on the second e-mail. :shrug:
  3. TTT Anyone know which one I should get?
  4. Do you still have the stock 88 Computer??? If so it's a speed density computer and you will need a mass air computer.

  5. Its a California 88 so it came from the factory with mass air.
  6. 88 (Bernie too) is the car chipped or tweecer'd? With the boost and much higher HP, you may have to actually get ProM to send you a 30-point curve that matches the air flow with voltages over the range of the meter; and then enter that curve into the chip so that the ecu and the maf are perfectly aligned. As power levels increase, the discrepancy between what the ecu expects (stock HO maf curve) and what the maf is sending become greater and greater. Just one thought to add to the mix....