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  1. I still havent seen an intake worthy of my $.

    I dont care for an open element air filter.

    I was hoping that Volant would come through for us by now. I e-mailed them last week, no response.

    No sense buying a tuner, until I Identify the intake.

    So now Im thinking that I may go with a GT setup. The airbox bottoms are the same, I would just need the top and the GT MAF, and the pipe between the MAF and TB. Im sure I can adapt something from Pepboys or Advance.

    If that setup is good for 300hp in the GT, it should be more than adequate for my V6.

    When I buy a tuner I can have it calibrated for the GT MAF.

    It would be much easier if someone would make a decent closed filter intake for us.
  2. So a pricey Volant would be worth your money???

    Why not run a new, non-corrogated tube from the TB to the stock airbox, and then enlarge the hole that feeds air into the bottom of the airbox?
  3. Closed air boxes rock!!! :nice:

    I'm sooo glad to have found my closed MRT intake. In my opinion its the best looking intake out there. :D
  4. That MRT one looks nice! What is superior about the closed vs. open or is it a style preference?
  5. A Mustang mag(MM&FF?) did a test on all of the available CAIs for the GTs and the C&L was rated the best. I have the Steeda but I'm thinking of getting the C&L instead. scrming already switched to the C&L. I'd recommend getting the C&L and SCT-2 from BamaChips, he has a great tune for them.
  6. MM&FF said the the enclosed air box is a must have when they did their test. Think about it, the whole idea of a CAI is to get cold air into the engine. The heat shield does just that, keeps the hot engine air out of the intake.
  7. Bama-Chips is back in business now? What's the damage for the C&L and SCT-2 set-up?
  8. Not sure how much. Here's the website:
    Contact him and ask I guess. If you do, lemme know how much for just the C&L. :D
  9. Open element filters are to loud for my taste. They also seem to get dirty much faster.

    Ive had a Volant before, and was very pleased with it.
  10. The C&L and Bamachips X-cal II tune are very, very impressive!

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  11. MM&FF said a 'Shield' is a must, not a closed airbox.

    There is a good comparison article on my site as you scroll down on the entry page. This compares the system to the C&L (article link is just under 5.0 Mag pic)

    Have the filter breathe.

    Go with a system that elicits excellent tuning.

    The V6 is a single TB. You don't use a dual-TB GT system with a single TB. You'll loose velocity plus the TB coupler would be sized for a twin TB. Bigger isn't always better.

    I sent one of my new V6 CAI / NGK iridium / Xcal2 packages this past week for dyno testing and I'll post the results.
  12. Yeah, well that's what I meant. :D
  13. so how much?! :ban:
  14. whoops... sorry... meant to post prices but forgot...

    X-cal II from Bamachips... $384 including shipping

    C&L intake directly from C&L... $308 including shipping
  15. Ok, I thought BamaChips was offering a package. If they aren't, they should.
  16. Jimp... I ordered directly from C&L before the first production units were shipping. Doug might have packages available now.
  17. I'm working on a package of: JBA Evolution exhaust system, SCT tuner and K&N intake. Any thoughts?
  18. I emailed him. It's $650 for the C&L/SCT-2 combo.
  19. The jba's are great, as is the SCT. The K&N intake doesn't require a tune. Doug at Bamachips thinks an intake that doesn't require a tune isn't really going to make more power with a tune. I trust this guys opinion... he's been tuning 4.0L's for years. If you're getting an X-cal, might as well get a higher performing intake.
  20. Thanx for the input. I msut agree with you. I'll have them change the intake to C&L, that was my first pick, but they suggested the K&N because it didn't need a tune, and less prone to heat sink.