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  1. Keep it clean please, I plan on forwarding this thread to Ford, unless I am informed that they read this forum.

    I'd like to know your opinion on the Interceptor, preferably in 3 or 4 specific areas; I'll give my opinions as well,

    1. the idea. I think the idea of using the Mustang platform is great, it will allow the use of many aftermarket mustang parts, so I can buy a basic interceptor, and make it into a screamer.

    2. The Design. The design is at 11 or 12/10ths if you ask me. The lines are perfect, as are the proportions, the details take it over the top though. Taking it back to 18 or 19 inch wheels, a plastic grille, normal door handles, etc would make it just right. Some mags have mentioned if built it would have a raised roof line. I think this would be a huge mistake, just make thinner seats instead. The interior needs a clean sheet design.

    3. What would you want? I'd like a 265 HP V6 and a 5 speed manual, leather, sport suspension, 19 inch wheels, a sunroof if it doesn't cut into the head room, and that's pretty much it. IRS would be nice, only if the car still sells for under 22k base, 25k as I described.

    4. whatever else you want to say..... I.e. I would say they should make them with SA rear for most V6 and 4.6L V8 models, but they should make IRS for Sport versions, and even make a 5.4L version. It could be a way to develop IRS to be optional on the Interceptor and the mustang. On another note, if I read the term squircles again, I am going to sue Ford for mental anguish. It sounds retarded, and when it is everywhere you look on/in the car, it looks retarded. And finally, make sure you guys offer a manual trans on all models.

    So, like it love it or hate it, let them know. Personally I have written to FOrd directly, as well as to the mags because I know they usually forward mail to the company. I want one. My wife has talked about us getting a newer mustang, but with 3 kids it is too impractical. As much as I want one, I have to look for a 4 door at the least. If the interceptor was on the market, it would fill the void I have found. I would not consider the Magnum because it's too expensive with the Hemi and too slow with the V6. Also, there is no manual.
  2. In the realm of bigger, sportier sedans, I must say I like the entire idea of the Interceptor. Here are some color options I saw on the 'Net a while back. Enjoy.









    Highland Green

  3. I'll take either silver or blue

    only one reply, wonder if we are the only ones who like the idea or ?
  4. I love the car. I actually flew to Detroit to see it in person at NAIAS this year. I also liked the Lincoln MKR.

    I think they should tone it down ever so slightly, just enough to make it drivable.

    I would love to see it with the Cammer in it. A six speed manual and a manual mode automatic should both be available.

    The interior needs a bit of work but all concepts are like that. I also think the roofline and profile should not be changed.

    I think this car could be a huge homerun if it were to be executed properly.
  5. As much as I love the Crown Vic, the tired old beast is probably gonna get the axe pretty soon for one reason or another. I can totally see the Interceptor as being a worthwhile replacement, as long as they keep it RWD and V-8 optional (or standard) like the current Panther cars. :nice:

  6. Those just looks way too "gangster" to me. :notnice:
  7. well, judging by the 300, that's not a bad thing at all.... :nice: