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  1. This has been asked a billion times I'm sure but I can't find it anywhere. Anyway I want to know what parts from 87-93 can be straight swapped to my 94? All 5.0 parts. Mainly wondering about performance parts. Please link the thread or just answer it here with a list of what I can change out. Thank you.
  2. A crap-load of stuff, there would be too many links. But for starters cam, heads, direct swap. The upper intake manifold requires an adapter for the elbow.
    So you have a fox and want to swap the parts over to a 94 or are you shopping for parts?
  3. It's probably easier to list what doesn't fit. Upper intake as mentioned isn't a direct swap, and LT exhaust headers are two that immediately come to mind.
  4. The EGR stuff is different between the two so even shorty headers need to be year specific in order to be a direct bolt-on procedure.