Interest in a 69 Fastback?

Discussion in 'Engine and Power Adder' started by xoxbxfx, Mar 23, 2006.

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  1. Well guys...looks like I might be parting with my fastback project. Right now it sits as a shell. The body of the car is all done. New floors will be put in. The car was soda blasted then professional bodywork was done by Hollywood Finishes We had the ENTIRE roof replaced due to and ugly sunroof from the 70's. The car was pretty solid except the floors. Trunk is all origional metal. Car will be POR14 inside and out. The front end has new passanger front and rear inner fender cause of the normal battery tray rust.

    Rear end is a built 9". Richmond 3.89 gears, Auburn Limited Slip Differential. Fresh brakes. Rebuilt about 4 years ago but has less than 300 miles on it. Frotn suspension is all rebuilt with Eibach (Dr Gas) progressive rate springs and KYB shocks front and rear. Leafs need to be replaced but I can a business discount at Dallas Mustang.

    Comes with a steering column and some misc interior parts like gauge cluster, lower metal dash. Rear seat fold down divider (not the fold down rear seat). Also comes with rear glass. Need front glass and door glass. One door is in good shape, the other needs a skin. I already have the skin and the old one off. Have the drivers fender with headlight bucket but it needs a passanger. Couple hoods to go with it and a bunch of misc parts....

    Im looking to get just under what I have into it.. $5000. Bodywork was over $2000 by itself :(
  2. Send me some pics, [email protected] , could make a nice future 32v blown Cobra engine conversion.
  3. I actually have a MustangII suspension just sitting here. Needs springs, shocks, and brakes to complete it, but it has the crossmember, drop spindles and tubular control arms...



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  4. Is $5000 firm? Excuse me for asking. I may be interested, it looks like a good platform. Possibly heading that way in a few weeks. If needed you can contact me at [email protected]
  5. Im pretty firm on the price... I have close to $5k into the car and bodywork and $2k in the built rear end.
  6. If possible could you email me with your number so we could talk? Thanks [email protected]
  7. sent ya an email with my number
  8. mmmmmm.....I smell Trans-Am clone :nice:
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