Interested in getting a 2.3L

Discussion in '2.3L (N/A & Turbo) Tech' started by 98V6 K.I.T.T., Dec 17, 2003.

  1. Well.....I've been tooling around, and I've been looking for a daily driver that doesn't look hidious but something to beat around in and save gas, and not really worry to much if I get a door ding or scratch in the paint. So....I came across the idea of maybe getting a 2.3L 5 speed. I found a 88 hatch for 1375....and I'm like, wow, that's dirt cheap, and it has 108K miles on it, and sounds that it's in good condition. Kinda like another post, do you think I could pretty much rely on something like that, despite typical maintenance like brakes, tune etc. I'm planning on getting a cobra, and I don't want to drive that beast to college, and to places where it's not neccessary. Thanks.
  2. 1375 sounds a bit much but depends on the condition of the car also but i have seen some ok ones for 500
  3. if your looking for something to save gas, i wouldent try a 4cyl stang..unless u can find a low miles or something? cause i bought 2 4cyls and they suck just as much on gas as my 5.0 does...
  4. 13 does sound like a lil to much, but as was said, it depends on the mileage and condition. most 2.3's if well taken care of, proper maintence etc last a well into the 200ks. Average milage if its a 5 speed should be between 20-30mpg , i get 24 if i drive like crap, im sure if i really granny'd it i would get 30 out of it. and since you drive a v6, your used to slow already (LOL JK, i couldnt resist). If i were you would check for sure on the condition (Especially who drove it before you, and how they drove it) and then kelly blue book it. MSM0075 Got an 88 for 400$ for ~1000$ more (like u will be paying if u buy it at that price) you could make that car run like a dream. Heck im 75% done through a turbo swap and ive spent about 1k , so its all in what you want to do really.