INteresting dyno proof about how 03 Cobras respond to mods-

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  1. OK, so we have this supercruise, and it ends here at...well you all know where I work...

    so we give away a catback system, and decide to install it there on the spot, and dyno the car before and after to show the gains......

    The car- a stock 03 Cobra-



    Install catback

    Dyno run 1

    let car cool off

    Dyno Run 2

    let car cool off, drive the car at 3000RPM for 3 minutes

    Dyno run 3
    386 rwhp

    let car cool off

    Dyno run 4

    drive car around a bit

    Dyno run 5

    We stopped there, but it was interesting to see the dyno numbers go up and up each dyno run.

    Based on previous experience, two more runs would have gotten us to about 395-397rwhp

    Also side notes- They decided to see how fast they could install a catback last night- they started with the car on the ground and had the car back on the ground again with the catback on in under 18 minutes.....

    Whats really interesting about this, is you see so many dyno comparisons, but you wonder if they dyno the car 8 times with each set up or only once or twice....

    Interesting stuff......

    Now before someone tries to flame me, these dyno runs were done at a Mustang show we had here, with 143 Mustangs in attendance (well over 300 people), and was done to a random vehicle owned by someone who won the catback....

    If that is not standing behind your numbers, I dont know what is-

    I have not mentioned the name of my company, as I thought this was interesting tech.
  2. I think some of the increases your seeing after each run is the stock computer "learning" that it has more flow on the exhaust side. :shrug:
  3. Yep...thats all the computer is doing....

    But I think it is interesting to show how many dyno runs the car needs, and how each time it learns a little more....

    so if you mod your car, and over the next few days if it feels like it is getting faster and faster, then that is because it is....
  4. So you could get around this by disconnecting the power for 15 mins then reconnecting. Then the computer would adjust on the spot. Would you say this statement is true?
  5. No - that would clear the adaptive - and start it all over again. It takes some drive cycles to re-learn.

  6. yep...what Tat said.....
  7. what type of catback system was it? :shrug:
  8. Also, the fluids in the tranny and diff. are warming up. This allows more power to the ground.
  9. see sig ;)
  10. The only time I have been to the dyno Iput down 392 to the wheels on the second pull, two more pulls after that netted lower numbers. Another 03 Cobra there (stangnet handle 20th Turbo) dyno'd like 378 first pull, and every pull through like the 4th pull it just kep climbing, he finally stopped at 411 SAE corrected rwhp. The ONLY mod to the car was WELDED IN magnapack mufflers, thats it nothing else. I couldnt believe the car just kept making more and more power on every pull.

    My car had a full magnaflow catback and I put down 19 less rwhp same dyno same day. BUT when we were at the track I ran faster ;) (yeah thats a little jab at ya 20th Turbo if you read this)

    So yes, these cars can DO that on the dyno. None of the other cars there that day did the same thing, though we were the only two 03 Cobra's.
  11. awesome!


    TAKE it TO THE TRACK......

    12.76 stock then 11.70 chip,pulley and tires! THIS CAR ROCKS!

    SERIOUSLY...THATS REALLY cool. I had heard that from Crazyhorse Racing who has done all my work. Chris said the same thing that the computer actually relearns....we were talking about the K+N Air FIlter when he mentioned that. BUT EVen my dynos with the chip and pulley got faster as we went...he was also changing some things with the tuning i think


    I usually just put in some 100 when/if I get to the track and desparately need gas...otherwise I run sunoco 94
  12. Shooot, I wish I could just "take it to the track" whenever I wanted. MY reality is the closest track is 1.5 to 2 hours away. I wish there was one closer thats for sure. Plus, all the tracks up here are closed for the next few months. CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO FLORIDA!
  13. Higher octane gas does not make you car go faster. It just stops your car from Pinging. Less ping makes the car go faster till there is no longer any Ping. I have to run upwards of 95 to get rid of the ping with the crappy Ca. gas.

  14. Yea Steve your right, you def did better at the track that day. We'll have to see how I do in the spring with a little more than a weeks time behind the wheel.

    As for our dyno trip the first was 403rwhp, second 406rwhp and final 411rwhp.

    I'll have to start practicing early for the track this year :rlaugh: Its what I get for going from a sport trac to a Cobra!!
  15. We ran my 03 at the new facility today on one of the new Superflow Dynos
    All mod configurations were run on the dyno in 3's.
    The two closest of each three were then averaged and the one oddball was thrown out of each three.
    The oddball was usually abnormally HIGHER than the other runs and was disregarded.
    After the first run, the oil temp, IAT, etc... increases and power goes down. As a result of this, the first run in each series was the one that was eliminated so we could see honest, real world repeatable HP at the tire.
    Please not that the superflow reads lower (and more correct) numbers than a dynojet, and the numbers were not corrected to read like a dynojet.
    Forgive me for not remembering all of the torque numbers....they were all impressive.
    I will soon make all of the non-proprietary data available so everyone can see it.

    Heres what we got
    03 Sonic blue YDH1

    362 HP

    K&N only
    380 HP

    K&N, magnaflow catback, superchips 1725 "rs" file
    397 HP
    (Ist run was 412, this run was thrown out because the other two were dead consistent)

    K&N, magnaflow catback, 2.8" upper JDM pulley, Superchips 1725 "HP-4" program
    430 HP

    K&N, magnaflow catback, 2.8" upper JDM pulley, Superchips Custom Tuning module with custom program
    462 HP and 488 FT Lbs of torque at the tire.
    This was consistent all 3 runs. The tuning is a LITTLE fat but I'm gonna leave it like that. I know it can make 470 but I'm confortable running it a tad fat.
    I'm gonna throw long tubes on it with the h-pipe and shoot for 480 at the tire and hopefully hit 500 ft lbs of torque.

    Drivability and mid range torque increase is INCREDIBLE.

    Remember, these numbers would be a little higher on a dynojet.
    I personally don't like Dynojets because they are over-zealous =o)

  16. .

    There are times where adaptive learn will make the car run faster with time
    The SAE corrected HP kept going up in that case (most likely) because the IAT kept going up.
    This doesn't mean the power was actually going up, there was just a greater correction for the higher IAT.
    This is why the IAt sensor MUST be in an accurate position and the runs must be averaged by threes in one sitting.
    ....I could stick the dyno IAT sensor on the exhaust manifold and make 20 more horsies.....

    The dyno is strictly a tuning tool and is only as consistent as the user.

  17. Thanks Vic. This kind of info is why we are all here.