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  1. I see one thread closed, and CAN'T SEE one that has been "Moved". And, of course, another Ban.

    Guess it might be time to move on. I pick my battles not based upon "What I think I can win", rather upon "What battle is worth fighting"; and frankly, I'm seeing less and less "good stuff" around here and incrementally more Strutting and Posturing from at least two "Titled Personages". :rolleyes:

    It's getting to be a waste of my time.

    Here, I'll make it easy on you; my IP addy is; at least until we (My employer is my ISP, a teeny part of my bill is an even 'teeney-er' part of my paycheck) change systems and gateways sometime in the next 9-14 months. I know it's not as much fun as endless, drawn out arguments and the final big BANNED Moniker; but what the heck, you can feel good about yourselves for a moment or two. I really don't care all that much anymore. :shrug:
  2. I should really visit as often as I used to. I saw in the other thread my heritage was being sullied while I was drinking good beer and eating pancakes smothered in rich maple syrup - the breakfast of champions!
  3. By the way, I bought a Mercury...


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  4. Hey krash, good to see you! I seriously doubt anybody would sully your heritage; unless of course you were including yourself in a "Collective Nationality" sort of thing. That can be poisonous... trust me, I'm Northern Irish; and I can tell you that doing so can all become very, very tearful if you let it take over.

    Hey BTW, you strike me as "thinking man's Rennaissence Man"; ever thought of old-time black powder firearms? You strike me as a " '58 Remington NMA" kinda guy. If so, hunt me up some time over on the Black Powder pages of The High Road.

    TTYL, must go out and feed the trusty (and always hungry) horses.
  5. You were posting while I was posting..... very nice Panther platform! 4.6, 5.0 or one of the few 5.8 powerplants?
  6. It's a 4.6 SOHC dual exhaust. I got it for $600 off a former Lt. at my fire hall. Just had to clean it up bit. Fully optioned out and my son loves it.

    About the black powder...My grandfather was an avid collector and restorer af antique firearms. I have a north African snaphanse that dates back to 1800 as well as a large collection of ornate flasks, measures and molds. Most of my collection was given to me by my grandfather when he was in his last stages of cancer.
  7. Interesting is one way of looking at it. I have a different opinion, but I don't want to join the list of the banned. The last one was uncalled for, IMO.

    Edited to add:

    I started a thread in the Feedback Area | Testing Zone that discusses the issues here, so we can keep it contained to the proper area, and outside of the Tech/Talk forums. Wouldn't want any infractions to be handed out for posting in the wrong areas...
  8. krash, I have no 'antiques' in my collection.... anything in my house that looks like a firearm in fact is a fully functioning firearm. Some are very utilitarian, like a 1960's "Western Field" 20-bore bolt-action shotgun (was my Dad's, now it belongs to my son Matthew, who was born after my Dad's death); and some are 'works of art' in steel and hardwood (my wife's -used to be mine- K-frame Smith and Wesson revolver). But they all discharge projectiles with a resounding BANG.

    As for my cap-and-ball stuff; right now that's limited to a brace of Remington "New Model Army" revolvers (mine) and one (Matt's) completely 'historically INaccurate" Colt. All three are replicas of Civil War-era pistols; produced by an Italian concern. All three are a pleasure to shoot and very relaxing for somebody who's spent too much time shooting in competition. Kind of like a jockey or a PRCA "bronc' rider" going out for a nice slow Sunday pleasure ride in the desert.

    I think you'd like that genre; and it would be something else to share with your son as he matures.
  9. Sarcasm has been overlooked on this issue time & again. But, since manners have yet to prevail, we'll go more, I suppose...

    Apparently, reading escapes some; perhaps a few.
    See below:



    Neither of these two simple, polite requests were adhered to and emotion got the best of some. Sorry it works out this way.
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