Fox Interesting Use For Fox Gt Wing

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    Even the Chevy guys like our wings!
  2. In ny opinion he ruined that car. Nothing against foxs or chevys. But keep ford parts on a ford. That wing is probably the best built piece on that car lol. I'm not a chevy guy or a ford guy for that matter. I just like cars in general. I have no real attachment to any of them but I will say this I love my mustang. And its a piece of :poo: right now.
  3. It just looks..............................bad.
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  4. while I don't particularly care for the looks of it, It's pretty ingenious that peeps figured out that it fits so well
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  5. I was actually thinking the same thing. It almost looks as If it was made for that car. I give him some props but still lol
  6. Oh wow. That is a special kind of stupid right there. As if a Nova needs a damn wing to look good to begin with, he chose THAT wing for it, of all the 100s of styles he could have gone with. All I can say is, at least he didn't go with the Saleen.
  7. It does fit the car really well actually, but the car didnt need it.
  8. :confused:---->:scratch:---->:chair:---->:ack:----->:notnice:

    He was a 12 pack deep when that idea popped up.
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  9. ....that is odd though. Only one around town :rlaugh:
  10. nove would be awesome looking nova without the wing. but man does that thing fit
  11. I'm gonna go ahead and say there is no way there is less that a full day's worth of modification to that wing. He meant to do that, and it looks bad. The only good looking wing on a Nova is a sheet metal one for racing.
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  12. I was never really all that fond of that wing in the first place. I mean... It's looks ok on the cars that came with it but it would NEVER have occurred to me to like it enough that I'd try it on another car. :shrug:
  13. you know you have one on your civic
  14. It's Cavalier! :fuss:
  15. aha, cavaqueer
  16. noobz spotted


  17. Dayuuuuuuuum! Dat chit's tite, yo!
  18. thought you'd at least park it in a garage or coffin or smething

  19. Then I wouldn't "sparkle" in the sunlight. :shrug: