Interior Color Code XW??

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  1. What is the actual Interior Color for the code XW on a 2000 Mustang GT?
  2. I don't intend to hijack your thread, but I need help in determining my interior color code as well. I'm about to install a Full A-Pillar and want it to match the color of the dashboard. Could anyone tell me the color code? See the attached pic.

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  3. bump. I am getting the rear seat delete kit and need to make sure I get the matching kit. I know someone knows this.
  4. Allow me to give this another bump.

  5. Don't know what yours is. Never saw a two-toned before. Have you looked for the code inside the drivers door. Maybe you have 2 codes instead of one. I ended up calling Ford and asking the parts guys to look up the code and give me the name of the color. Try that. My ended up being Dark Charcoal for the code XW.
  6. It is Dark Charcoal=XW
  7. Top Dark Charcoal bottom Med graphite.
  8. You sure it isn't Oxford White
  9. What one? I looked in a 2000 Source book.
  10. The lighter color of that 2-toned roush interior

  11. The lighter color of the 2-toned roush interior pic.
  12. I think the bottom one is medium parchment, but I'm still looking for the name of the darker color on the dashboard. Any ideas, anyone?