SOLD Interior from 88 Lx 5.0

Discussion in 'Interior Exterior Parts' started by f8tlfiveo, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. qu4azagy.jpg 5u5edy2a.jpg e9a9ana5.jpg gugybaqy.jpg I have a lot of interior parts for sale from my 88 Lx 5.0, interior is grey
    Console 30$
    Random interior pieces cheap

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  2. Do you have the trunk panel, right armrest? The trunk panel is the plastic piece that is on the underside of the hatch
  3. rear seat bottom, how much? Seat belts?
  4. Please post pics of items for sale along with asking price(s), per forum guidelines.

  5. All of these items are sold
  6. Rog... Please click the SOLD tag at the top of the thread to update.
  7. Seat is sold, I think I still have the front seatbelts, definitely still have the back..15$ plus ship for the rears.. I can check on the fronts if you want
  8. Just the items I listed were sold, not everything
  9. I the front seatbelts are no longer available. Let me know if you want the rears
  10. Still have the tail lights?
  11. do u still have the fuse box cover and kick panels?
  12. Do you have the upper rear metal headliner trim peice?
  13. Yes I do
  14. Pretty sure, but I can look
  15. how much for the fuse box cover and kick panels shipped to 77632?
  16. 10$ for the parts 10$ to ship
  17. ok sounds good to me what payment do u accept?
  18. PayPal. You can pm me your email I will send you an invoice
  19. Or a money order if you don't do PayPal
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.