Interior lighting and power locks


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Aug 22, 2020
Hi, I have a 94 graduate 5.0. I'm having issues with the power locks and interior lights. This is very strange. With both doors closed, I can't turn on the dome light or lock/unlock the doors using the power locks buttons either door (windows and mirrors work fine). With either door open, one at a time, same thing. When I open both doors all the way, everything works except the passenger power window will go down but not up, works fine with doors closed. Any ideas? I read where someone had similar problems and it was related to the keyless entry, which I do have ( no remote though). I'll check my fuses again but they were ok and wiring seems ok as far as I can tell.
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Nov 12, 2020
The dome light stays on on my 95 5.0. I found the problem is the button on the door the gets pressed when it closes isn't getting pressed all the way. With the door open I can press it with my hand and get the light to turn off


May 23, 2006
When the keyless entry module blows , you will smell it . It has that burnt electric smell and it is potent . Generally when they pop , you lose everything on circuit #8 in your fuse panel . You will also get a bad parasitic draw at the battery . Mine was 18 amps and 1.6 volts constant draw with the negative terminal unhooked . When you replace the fuse , it will insta pop until you replace or unhook it . I don't think that is your issue ! Maybe it can fail and cause your issues ,I have never seen it though .
To check this . It is located in your trunk , drivers side behind the carpet by the fuel shut off switch . Take the black frame off the car and it is mounted on the back side of that frame , you may have an anti theft module on the front of that black frame . Takes 2 minutes to remove it and unplug to see . Issue is , if you unplug it , it will kill all interior lights and other functions . Thats why there an issue , these things run through this module .
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