Interior painting/dying

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  1. ok heres my problem... my car currently has black on grey interior and its alright but i want to change it to black on black interior. rather then buying all new interior trim pieces i want to just dye or paint these pieces, does anyone know whats a good paint to use or should i use a dye to do this.

    oh i have bought a new black carpet for the floor and will be replacing the front seats this summer so im not concerned with changing the colors of those.
  2. The best interior dye is made by SEM. You can usually find SEM dyes at your local auto-body supply house. I am in the automobile reconditioning business, and use their products daily. You need to clean the pieces with their plastic/leather prep first using a lint free cloth. The best method would require you to purchase a pint of white and black dye. Mix these two dyes together until you achieve the exact color match. Reduce this mixture by 10% with a low voc surface cleaner. Spray the dye at 20-25 psi through a medium size paint gun. Spray one dry coat, and two wet coats letting each coat flash before adding the next. Do not attempt to clean or condition these pieces for 7 days. You can also purchase SEM dye in an aerosol can, but the color match may not be exact, but it would probably be cheaper and easier. Remember to mask off areas you don't want to dye. Let me know if you have any questions :nice:
  3. Or do what I did. Go to Autozone, get a couple cans of Dupli Color black vinyl dye (NOT the glossy stuff). Use lots of soap/water, and scrub the parts down. Give them an alcohol wash, more soap and water, let dry, and spray away. Looks great!