Interior painting how-to for fox body?

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  1. I've seen's how-to on repainting the interior of your car, for late model's, but does anyone happen to know of one aimed more at fox body? Thanks much for any help.
  2. Paint works the same way on anything, you know ;)

    Just kidding. What are you looking for, instructions how to remove plastic parts and such so you can paint them?
  3. Thats exactly what I'm looking for heh. I have a Haynes manual, but my theory is they tell you just enough to **** something up, and seeing as how I'm not too sure how to totally dismantle the interior, I need some sort of how-to.
  4. my brother paints citadel figurines and they have a special paint set. I think it is alcohol based, it worked great on my steering wheel (1995 v6) but it didnt work on the passengers side Mustang logo. i dont know what to tell you.
  5. Ah. Everything is pretty simple. The dash is tricky, though if you don't know it.

    Your best bet would be to post in 5.0 Tech and ask how to remove certain pieces. they'll tell ya.
  6. Alright man, I appreciate it. I love your car btw, very sweet.
  7. Thanks. if you didn't see, check out the door panels I just fabbed up recently:
  8. haha nice, has a very "retro" look to it
  9. Im looking to paint some parts of my 93 interior

    such as the AC vents and all.. what's a good paint for this?
  10. SEM interior paint. Eastwood carries it, or you could also use the stuff 5.0 resto carries. Their stuff is more expensive though. I did a whole interior from red to black with the SEM, and there hasn't been one person who has seen it that actually believes it was red before. PREP is the biggest thing, if it's prepped right and you don't rush painting it, it looks awesome.
  11. The citadel paint is acrylic, water based. I used to paint those models too, and it chips fairly easy. Most acrylic does. The color does stay nice forever though, and holds up with some clears. You need to prime stuff to use that.

    For black and white use rustoleum appliance epoxy spray. It gives a high gloss shine, and is nigh unscratchable with only 2 coats. It has a longer drying time though.

    Prep is really everything. Ill have pics up soon of my entire install process. I used de-natured alcohol to clean everything, then a wet rag. That took off all the grease and allowed the paint to bond well.