35th Anniv Interior Painting?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Tommy3O3, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. I want to paint some of the interior pieces of my Mustang. My particular car is a 35th Anniversary that has the silver/charcoal interior and I want to match some of the pieces to the silver color that came from the factory.

    I was wondering what I'd need to accomplish the task as well as what color I'm looking for, (if there's a color code or number) and the directions to get the parts painted.

    Any ideas?

    BTW: I know I haven't been on here much, but if anyone wants to kill some time, check out my MySpace page...there are a few videos of the car up.

    And YES, I know I need new pictures taken!! :)
  2. Hey Tommy!

    Glad to see you dropped in. As for the paint for the interior pieces, not sure what the matching one would be, you may have to buy several ones before finding a match.
    Good luck!

  4. You may have to "blend" two colors together to get an exact match. Just buy some vinyl dyes that look close and test them. (test on scrap plastic). Also make sure your parts are super clean and dont have any armor all or skin oil on them as the vinyl dye will not adhere like it should. I clean my stuff with rubbing alcohol and lint free rags before applying the dye. I think some companies make a special prep solution specifically for vinyl dyes if you can find it. Good Luck with the project!!!
  5. Thanx for the help everyone! I'll post up once I get it all done. :)
  6. this may be too late, but there is a color code for the midnight black of our interiors. I went to an auto body shop supplier and bought some to paint my pillar pod and guage bezel...perfect match. there was one for the silver as well if I remember.
  7. Sweet! I'll look into it, thanx for the info. I won't do anything until later in the winter when I put the car up for storage. :)
  8. Will you also let us know what you find out?
  9. since your from seattle area,contact wesco auto body and paint supply(Shelly in Renton is great) she knows the paint code for the midnight black. as far as the silver take in your door panel and they have a machine to tell them how to mix a matching color. then it is a matter of picking out the correct paint for the surface your painting...they will hook you up!!!
  10. Excellent!! TYVM :)