Interior Question, II be a Cobra, or not II be, that is the question...

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  1. Hey all,
    Just a little question that has been bugging me since I accuired this car, It's Titled a '75 , Question is, The interior is all black, with a red stripe on all the seats 3/4 the way up to the top, this red stripeing is also in the door panels. I've Never seen a II with this type of interior before, Is this Cobra II interior? I might have lucked out and got a Cobra that had been stripped down, (No front valance,at all, no louvers, and no spoiler) instead of a plain old fasback w/a beefed 302.
    is there any sure way of telling?
  2. Cobras didn't come out till 76, so if you car is a legit 75 (someone didn't swap VINs), then it wouldn't be a Cobra. Cobras also didn't come with an interior like that. You might have some type of sport appearance package, although I don't recall seeing that option till the later years. It could also be that a previous owner had some custom interior work done. My mother in law has a 69 Charger R/T, and at the time there was no repro interior stuff, so she had a local shop do some new interior panels and seat covers, and they look similar to yours, but or course are not correct. You can also check the buck tag on the radiator support if it's still there. If the car is not really a 75 and is a Cobra, it will have "CB" stamped on it. Also, you might find a code on there that may tell if it has a special package. Check the site's buck tag decoder page to check your codes.
  3. Sounds like the black vinyl/vermillion

    Had it in a '74 I parted out. Also had the red on the door panel surrounds.
  4. Ahhh, I see it now. I misunderstood what he was trying to explain. I was thinking like the gold piping on the Rallye cars and such.
  5. I've seen this interior before, but can't recall it's speciffic application. My guess would have been something exclusive to an early Ghia model, but yours presumably is a fastback,as is the car in the posted picture. The interesting part about it is, that it's unlikely that any other colors were used as trim in the same places, (ie black/blue, black/chamois etc), so this particular upolstery combination was probably only available with certain exterior colors,models or decor groups.

    Clearly, the vinyl coverings are not the basic standard ones, with or without the strip. My recollection of cars with similarly styled seat cushions have been models with deluxe interiors, which usually had heavier carpeting and full length console mouldings. Also, the dark woodgrain accents in the door panels is usually seen in the '74/ '75 models. Without referencing packed away literature for a better answer, my best guess at this point is that it's a decor option, unless it were proven that all early cars had the red trimed door panels.

    This seems to be another one of those idiosyncrosies about these cars, whereas some minor trim options and pieces were not consistant from year to year or model to model, depending mostly on where the car was assembled and when. Another interior example being some cars having the running horse II insert in the steering wheel, while later cars seemed to not have this.
  6. Identical!!!!

    Yep, that's the same interior mine has exactly! wonder what package it came with? was it Rally?
  7. i got a 76 Cobra for parts with the blue interior same design though, I wonder how late model year 75 your car is, check the buck and such? possibly just a luxury interior though,
  8. It's one of the Deluxe interiors, as far as I know. The example given above was a base V6 '74 hatchback. I have also seen the blue w/strap stang2man mentioned in some '76 Cobras, but I believe it was, again, part of one of the deluxe interior packages. I have also seen the same scheme in chamois with a dark brown strap, so it's more likely it's just an interior decor option.
  9. I have seen that same interior in a 75 coupe or Ghia, don't remember which model it was. Do remember for certian that it was not a fastback. I woud agree that this is just part of a deluxe interior package. Probably have the long arm rest, map light, and split dash with clock? Also besides the fact that they did not offer the Cobra option in 75' there would probably be signs of holes in the hatch where a rear spoiler was mounted previously assuming the hatch is original to the car. If not seen on the outside, signs might be seen underneath when opening the hatch. This is one of my favorite interior color combinations. I wonder if any of the upholstery kits out there are offered in this style and color?
  10. That is what is called "Black Vinyl with Vermillion Strip". It was listed as a luxury interior and available starting in 1974.

    Look at the sample on the link below. Code EA

    1975 Interior Trim
  11. wanna trade?

    Do you want to trade the blue for red?
  12. Yep, that's it...

    Yep thats what it is...thanks! apsychotic
  13. I think I'd just rather get rid of em, as I said it's a parts car, I'll have to get little bro to take some pics of the seats sometime though, since only 2 of my cars are in TN with me, and the rest of my babies are up in Ohio BTW, 98CobraClone, is my little bro, so as soon as I can talk him into going out into the cold, I'll do so