interiors get boring

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  1. what have you done with yours to set it apart from the some pics. :nice:
  2. Nothing other than the B&M shifter and cd player.
    I think doing alot of work and spending money on the interior is pretty much pointless.
    As long as nothing is broken or worn out I leave it alone.
  3. Nope, cuz then you'd copy me and it wouldn't be different :p



    White face gauges, custom DIN panel, leather shifter boot stitched to match the seats (white w/red), leather e-brake boot, custom floor mats, door sills/speaker mounts, some billet buttons & pedals, and custom fiberglass dash gauge pod that has angled cups air passages that are aimed at each seat.
  4. well you havent met my car yet...nonthing works like it should :(

    plus id like to be able to take my car to a coupe of car shows ever now and then.
  5. did you buy or make that center gauge pod....looks cool
  6. You'll get there. Just takes time. :nice:
  7. Like TTop said it was custom made by someone else. It's a fiberglassed stock piece.
  8. thats cool I didn't want to copy it just never seen one like it before.

  9. i couldnt copy you interior if i wanted to..o dont have that kind of money :lol:

    im thinking after i paint the car of going with a black and grey dash , black center console, black and gray door panels, gray GT tweed seats and black carpet then a 140M mpg speedo and white face gauges along with some polished pieces... :shrug: i dont though..ask me the same question in a month and i will have changed my mind :nonono:
  10. If you have a red interior... swap it out for black. That's what I did...

    Along with a e-brake boot, suede headliner and matching accents on the redone door panels, and Corbeau seats.


    Here's the Before pic...


  11. mines blue...what did you do for the dash ect..did you dye them or just buy a black dash?
  12. I dyed everything I could that wasn't like in a "high traffic" area (like sill plates or armrests). The dash and center console is all dyed along with the sail panels and trim around the back.

  13. you have a picture of them when the were out of the car? all in all how much did it cost you to do the conversion..Minus the seats that you bought?
  14. Picture of the dash and stuff? I have a few progress pics I took...



    Right after I got it back in the car...

    Using many many light coats makes it come out looking really nice. I've had comments all the time about how great the condition of the interior looks. So people think it's stock, just well taken care of... haha Unless they're a real fox fan and knows that '89s didn't come with black interiors stock.

    I also had to buy carpet, material for the headliner, as well as pay to have my door panels redone. Paint and prep itself isn't too expensive, just a looong process. I used Duplicolor from Wal-Mart because it was the cheapest I could find and it worked fine.


  15. hmm...looks like this may be the route i will abouts did you go with preping all the panels before you started painting them?

    about how much the whole thing end up costing you not inculding the price of the seats?
  16. I was a real novice to this kind of thing when I started... so I asked around alot. I found that it's really important to wash the parts well in soap and water, then it's good to go over them with alcohol or something that is gonna strip old cleaners/dirt/grime better than the soap does... it also helps promote better adhesion. You might find that it's good to use a primer or adhesion promoter, but I didn't use one and it still worked out well. Since I was going from red to black, I wasn't worried about a primer.

    Just do one panel at a time. Take your time and do the best you can. Hit it with several coats and you should start to see some good looking "new" pieces.
  17. ok...maybe ill see about starting doing this after my exams and while the exterior is being painted sometime in the next few months....
  18. I'd agree if you were keeping the whole car stock, but if I'm spending $$$ upgrading the outside with current technology, I like to do the same with the interior and modernize it. Besides all I can see when driving is the interior, hood and hatch, might as well make it look pleasing to my eye, instead the drab 80s look. Just my .02, cheers...
  19. b737_3.jpg

    87ttop that interior is outstanding man!