interiors get boring

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  1. the part that matters is the cockpit not the hatch area.. you said interior, which he gave shots of :rolleyes:
  2. :notnice: :shrug: :lock: :D :rlaugh: :nonono: :p :nice:

    dude....:Zip2: :nice: :shrug: :hail2: :canada: :flag: :eek: :jaw: :OT: :stupid: :Track: :Zip2:
  3. well FYI when i go to get rid of my seats... if you want them let me know...mine are just dirty.... need a good cleaning
  4. ok smarty some pics of your "interior"
  5. wow man thats the first time Ive ever seen a hurst shifter look at home in a foxbody, that looks really good.

  6. Yeah my seats are in amazing shape for how many miles are on the rips or burns or anything, just a little dirty, not even any stains. Eventually i'll probably get some form of racing seats.
  7. keep em comin people! post your stocker...or your project in progress..

    RS where you at? i know you stock my threads
  8. i bet thats fun to get in and out of :rlaugh:
  9. Stalk?
  10. Or he's calling you a stock boy :shrug:
  11. :scratch: i dont remember what i ment?
  12. i see you finally finished your interior ^. looks gorgeous, very original, love the white on black. And raceaholic :drool: such a nice ride man, i love your retrofits wish i had the knowledge/patience/money for such a project.
  13. These pics are pretty old but oh well I need to take new ones sooo bad LOL

  14. Thanks a lot man..really appreciate it.
  15. Are those Cobra seats because thats what I've been looking at getting. It wouldn't be for a long time though. Just those two seats would practically cost as much as my car did :)
  16. I wonder if anyone has done a full race style interior, no carpet, no plastic anywhere. WHat I mean is; an aluminum fabbed "dash" with autometer gauges, roll cage, aluminum door panels, aluminum rear fire wall. That would be different but pretty retarded if the car doesn't run in the 10's or less - I guess...
  17. are those 2 1/16 or 2 5/8 gauges? and where did you get that sings pod that fits in there
  18. all 2-1/16. The single pod in the driver side vent was made by me. Just a simple piece of painted sheet metal.