interiors get boring

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  1. Before

    not much but you gotta start somewhere

  2. those door get them off ebay??
  3. talk about clean...what car are them seats out of?
  4. Sorry Ryan, but they are not out of any car. They are Corbeau Sport Seats, purchased through Complete with custom seat tracks from them too. I have enjoyed them and they match nicely with the opal grey interior.
  5. figured i'd bring back this great thread in case there are others who have done anything with their cars this summer.
  6. Anyone else without the center console?, I like that look
  7. [​IMG]

    2001 Dash in 1993 Coupe, Welded in the bearing for the steering column, pedals, booster, HVAC box, blah blah blah. It all works. I installed the Mach460 from a 2001 (minus the front mach speakers, i have a Diamond Audio M5 6.5" Component set in its place. MUCH BETTER THEN MACH!). Waiting for drive train install. There are more pics @ DKC Performance
  8. Looks good Chrome_Rust!

  9. WOW!! 'nuff said.
  10. Thank you :) Lots of people don't notice much of the interior past the seats and shift boot.
  11. damn you werent playin...
  12. hey josh, you got any pics of your boxer shorts shift boot?
  13. he swapped it for red felt.

  14. lol. the red plaid was classy. nothing says fancy like interior parts made from used undies. the real question is did he wash em first or were they still full of fermunda:shrug:
  15. Lets bring this thread back from the dead and see more interior pictures..
  16. OK,....I'm always game for more pics of my junk


  17. Here's mine
    IMG_1059.jpg IMG_1056.jpg
  18. i love this thread