interiors get boring

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  1. Couple more. Oddly enough I don't have many pics of my seats.
    33894_1421546219502_1258085718_31004991_6217702_n.jpg IMG_1065.jpg
  2. Those will work! I was wanting to see the color of the leather and the stitching, if they used the same style of stich on the leather as they did the cloth. Is the gray interior (dash doors and whatnot) darker than the standard titanium gray or does it just look that way because of the lighting?
  3. The accent panel and the top of the door panel is darker to match the top of the dash. Everything else match's the OEM grey.
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  4. I've been trying to get closer to stock. I've since fixed up and installed the armrest.

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  5. Love this thread...and love the simplicity of a stock fox interior. I had an 89 prior to my 93 and I liked the interior Better in the 89. In particular, the steering wheel in the 89, and the door panels ( not a fan of the pleated saddle bags on my 93 door panels).
  6. That's actually not bad. I normally don't like painted interiors as they usually remind me of a Honda Civic

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  7. nice, thanks for the shot of the door, I was wondering if i should cover the part above the armrest to match the seats or leave it cloth.
  8. i always loved the saleen interiors i mean look here we are over 20 years later and they still look modern and sporty.thanks for sharing
  9. Thanks! and I agree. Nothing boring about the SSC interior. Lol
  10. As do I. It'll be something like your interior that the future project will take it's inspiration from.:nice:
  11. Cool! From what I've seen of your work, it'll be something special. You have mad skills sir as your car was awesome inside and out!
  12. Some updates of mine since this thread was current. A new stereo is in there but the main change is the painted center console:





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  13. That is what I call tastefully blinged. Very clean and modernized.
  14. I don't know about getting boring...i'll just be happy to get a full interior back in mine. I've been staring at bare steel for quite a few years now.
  15. ...some really cool interiors on here. Here's mine...nothing special. Simple and love it that way. image.jpg
  16. I kept falling outta the seat. switched.jpg
  17. Are you referring to the absence of lateral support in these seats?!? Lucky I don't take corners hard
  18. Thanks, that was the plan with it. It's tough to do w/these without going overboard. I left that for other areas of the car :rlaugh:
  19. I added a red 3 pool ball shifter to my red outside and titanium inteiror car. I am deciding on how much red I'll add to the plain gray leather seats. I like TMI's Pony seats,but a red outside and gray inset may be too much red with the titanium interior. Would it look like I stole the seats from another car? How about having them do it with silver outside and red inset instead?