Electrical Intermittent Power Loss To Computer


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Dec 31, 2016
Berlin, Wisconsin 54923
I have a '95, base model, 3.8l mustang. Over a year ago I was having problem where, I would accelerate and car would start going, lose all power for a second, go, lose power, come close to stalling and so on usually 3-4 times. Lost all RPM's, speedometer bouncing, all gauges bottomed out and came back, CEL would turn off when lost power.

After searching and searching, about a year ago, it died and wouldn't start. Fan stayed on so, found that it was bad CCRM.

It's happening again. Wondering if it could be something else? Otherwise, I have a handful of relays and electrical diagram of the CCRM. Can I just wire the relays in piggyback to the CCRM?
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Aug 11, 2013
Cleveland OH Area
Using external relays to bypass the CCRM components works just fine - nothing much in there but a few relays and diodes. Keep in mind the computer feed is used to power the fuel pump relay internally in the CCRM so you might need to bypass that one as well.

I've had similar problems with a bad ignition switch. Try jiggling the key a bit back and forth to see if you can get the car to stall.