Electrical Internal Turn Signal Dash Light not working


New Member
Sep 29, 2020

Ive read through countless forums, and cant really seem to find one covering my issue specifically.

I am having an issue in my 1992 Fox Body with the right side Turn Signal not working INSIDE THE CAR (DASH BLINKER LIGHT) ONLY.

At first it was ticking slow, so I replaced the flasher relay. I have checked all the wires going into my hazard switch and others and there seem to be no loose or disconnected wires.

I bought all new LED bulbs and installed those, they all test out and work just fine. Why would I be only having an issue with that right side turn signal dash light?
IT ALSO DOES NOT work when i turn the flashers on, but the lights outside of the car work just fine. Only interior dash light.

If its not the blub, loose wires, flasher relay, what could be causing this issue?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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