Interview with Hau Thai-Tang (Mustang Enthusiest Mag)

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  1. In the recent issue of Mustang Enthusiest, there is an interview with 2 of the engineers behind the design of the 05. On thing that I want to point out is a question about the suspension design. It was ask ".. what were the primary and secondary factors that played into your decision to go in the direction you ultimately went?"

    Hau Thai-Tang answered:
    "The primary, the only, considerations are the needs of our customers. Mustang customers want an affordable car that looks great, is fun to drive, and easy to customize. The solid axle rear suspension offers unmatched straight line performance, is extremely durable, has high torque capacity, and is easy to modify. Of Course, for the customer who will sacrifice a bit of the raw performance for a more refined and balanced car, we'll have something for them down the road."

    What do you think? and what do you think he means by the section that I put in bold??

    Also I can offer up more information that is in the article if you want.. and before you ask I do not have a scanner.
  2. IMHO, sounds like they will have two special editions, one for the drag racer and one for the road racer. Even though the GT has 300hp I would not consider it in the raw performance catagory. If we disect what he said we can expect a solid axle version with higher hp and the more refined and balanced car sounds like a Cobra with IRS.
  3. Sounds simple Independant rear suspension.
  4. possibly a mercury built off the mustang platform. who knows. I don't think he is talking about an SVT product for some reason. dunno.