Paint and Body Intro Thread and 2019 Fog Light Conversion Question


Jan 1, 2008
Portland, Oregon
So the wife needs a new car and she casually mentioned a Mustang... if that's not a green light to get one I don't know what is. We built it online and took it to the local dealer. After I beat them down on the price I walked out without putting any money down and they came after me saying they would special order the car (no deposit) and when it came in we have the first option on it. Fair enough.

They were also nice enough to loan us a different 2019 for a night and we "put it through it's paces" and handed it back.

But like most people I'm a little disappointed with the grill and really love the fog light look of the earlier cars. So with the magic of Photoshop I mocked up quickly what I think would be a cool grill with fog lights. I don't think it would be tough to find the earlier grills and hack it together. But I really hope the aftermarket takes a look at something like this. So far I've been disappointed with the aftermarket solutions.

Yes, that is the car we built (without the fog lights). Didn't want to go crazy with the options but like the classic touches like the wheels and stripe. No PP or the like. Just the 401A.


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