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  1. I didnt see that a specific intro was called for in the FAQs (yes, I read them :nice: ) , but Id like to intro myself so yall can flame me appropriately :) Im Erik, I own a 67 FB, originally a 289/C4, now a stroker/T5 after years of neglect alternated with bursts of franctic activity between deployments. I am in the military as a profession, and am currently posted in Alabama.

    I have been a regular on the VMF for about a year also, much to their regret, no doubt :p

    I look forward to chatting and gaining info on your forum!
  2. were deployed to Alabama?!?! I didn't realize we were at war with them too!:eek:

    btw...welcome to Stangnet!
  3. well, many would call this a foreign country :D

    ...but I was deplyed elsewhere. Hopefully thats about over with, but who knows?
  4. Welcome! Don't mind 65Stanger his mind is a bit fuzzy
  5. Welcome Lman , but Im sorry I have to do this. Im sort of the Stangnet enforcer, if you will, tasked with enforcing all codes of conduct on the site. Your introduction was way off (please see code SF67 - K subsection E )
    Proper introduction is , " Hello, I'm Lman , and Im a Mustangholic". Then we say, Hello LMan. A slight transgression, however it is a punishable offense requiring you forfeit an item from your claimed vehicle, in this case , one 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback with a modified drivetrain. Im sorry but Im going to have to call you on the front passenger seat. I know its a bit steep, but leniency breeds anarchy. We have a strict forum here sir. Anyway, I , I mean we need that seat sent immediately. Please pm me to get where to send it , and then provide the tracking number (you ll have to pick up that shipping cost too). Once again, welcome, and please dont let this little seizure ruin your day.

  6. His mind? Haven't you seen his pics? He's all fuzzy! :p

    Welcome, Lman.... anybody who jumps out of perfectly functioning airplanes will fit in well around here. :D
  7. Poor guy....Jumps out of a perfectly good airplane ( :crazy: ) and lands in The Gutter!:D

    Watch out you don't annoy the Sheeple or they'll sic the Black Helicopters on you!
  8. Nevermind Hop. He's been kinda off since he got pelted by sheeple pellets after moding a real shelby. We're all kinda crazy here, so get used to off the wall comments. and don't be surprised. Ever.

    btw: I have a lead on some real hi-quality blinker fluid for your car......

  9. Don't forget the muffler bearings!
  10. :crazy: Your just jealous because only I hear the voices...
  11. hop, I hear lotsa voices. :D 'cept mine usually come from actual people.

    though sometimes I wonder about that little girl......

  12. Welcome Lman....... Now we need to let you know about the dress code :D
  13. IGNORE the leg-humping peanut-boy! :rolleyes:
  14. He already knows we let our nuts out.
  15. welcolm- thanks for doing the deed

  16. Black bow Tie and black cummerbun is the accepted dress in the gutter.

    BTW don't be too afraid of the guys in here, they are a lil wackier than over on VMF, but they are always good for a laugh.

    Oh make sure you post OT or non tech stuff in this forum.


    BTW I'm oboebrian_az on VMF! :nice:

  17. ............Bathing suits are optional
  18. thanks for the warm welcome. Ill try not to be too much of a bother....and as for the 'forum violation', my attorney has requested a continuance ;)
  19. Wait a minute......You violated the forum and you DIDN'T INVITE US!!!:eek:

    see if I ever hijack one of his threads again....lo-down, solo forum violator.......least the newbie coulda done was asked us for some help.........:nonono:

  20. Now hang on a minute there big guy; think about it.....
    Perhaps the young man (in the best ARMY tradition :flag: ) has carefully reconnoitered the location before entering upon the scene. :nice: In that case, he's probably already discerned that we do not need an inviteation to hijack or otherwise violate the Classics Talk Forum. We're just gonna take that hill whenever it looks inviting to us! :D

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