invisible computer chip at mustang magic

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  1. Joe does a "re-flashing" of computer to change fuel curve,timing curve,etc..without any visible chip.Anybody have this done and is it worth the $500?
  2. Its just a way to custom tune the car w/o voiding the warranty. THey see no signs of a chip theres no BS to deal with. SO yea it normally wakes the car up esp one thatsgot power adders to it.
  3. you're not gonna gain 100 hp, but they will give you more HP throughout the powerband. Joey is the MAN. :nice:
  4. it recalibrates your a/f....touch more power...touch more efficency

    its a good deal
  5. i would go with the chip and do all the tuning you need
  6. Let Mustang Magic do the tune. It's better than an off the shelf chip cause it's tuned just for your car right there on the dyno, if you car doesn't like the tune for some you reaon you can go right back and have it adjusted without worring about mailing a chip back and forth to whereever you purchased it, and they know what they are doing over at that shop. As a matter of fact I just had my car tuned and I glad I did. It cured a lean condition I was unaware of as well as giving me some more power.
  7. EFI Solutions

    We can tune your car with EFI solutions by reflashing your computer, there is no sign of tampering for Ford to see, so warranty problems are eliminated. EFI Solutions gives us more tunability than a chip, allowing even more gains, with better drivability. We also store your stock program, and will flash it back for free if any warranty problems arise
  8. The LI Tuner has spoken. Thats a slick tuning system there.