Iowa , and those near....BUY A TF!

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  1. wow I'm thinking road trip...
    That thing looks amazing, but I have a feeling the price is going to jump towards the end
  2. yeah that's an awesome car!
  3. i flew to iowa from NY with the flu for my a rebel. the car is ugle but i love the motor! i would do it
  4. what? they don't look bad especially one that clean....On Both of mine the paint turned a weird color in the engine compartment.:nonono:
  5. Ugly? lol ....its an aquired taste i guess.
  6. :bang: Why so I always have too many things going on when I find the deals?

    Ok IN the last month I have had to pass on:
    83 t-top capri RS Turbo that was in good shape for a bargain basement price
    88 5.0 Notch with 61k that needed a clutch for 1200
    96 f250 4x4 ext cab with light (and I mean very light) front damage $2100
    and this car.

    I have seen this car in person, it was at one of the ford powered events. It is a VERY clean car.
    Spoke with the owner for a while,and after that I am amazed to see it for sale.
    Whoever wins that car will be very happy.
  7. yea here in iowa alot of cars go really cheap i got my 79 for $750 and my 89 parts car that was perfect except a blown headgasket for $70 bucks
  8. Thats only an hour from me too! And I have no money! And I saw it too late! And I already have a turboford to work on! Of all the rotten luck.