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  1. Please tell me there is a way to make an iPhone run the normal stangnet instead of the mobile version. I can't go to any of the subforums(electronica central, fight club, etc), and it's just clunky. There has to be a way, right?
  2. Wish I knew... I find it annoying to say the least.
  3. I know that clicking the normal version tab does NOTHING.
  4. Frustrating. I have even tried to edit the link above and remove the mobile part, stiiiillll routed back to the mobile site.
  5. I just bookmarked the subforums I visit.
  6. You mean you sent the link to your email and bookmarked it?
  7. Do you know if installing one of the alternate browsers will do it? I'd rather not deal with the mobile skin at all.
  8. Negative ghostrider. I dont think it will because its the sites protocols that recognize the mobile browser and assume its format. I could be wrong thought I guess..
  9. Got it.. It cost me .99 though. There is a program on the app store called Unmobile. Gave it a shot, went into the settings and told it no mobile, and I'm on normal stangnet.
  10. Posting this from the iPhone
  11. No, I found the forum I wanted by googling it, then I bookmarked it.

    As far as the other browsers. I didnt even know there were others available. I havent had any problems with Safari, so didnt even look.
  12. It's in the PHP code, to recognize the browser and automatically select the mobile skin. I have a different one on my own site that works well, so let's see if they'd like to give it a shot here. It's not 100% compatible with vBulletin 3.8.x though, but it hasn't caused me any issues.
  13. My Palm Pre Loads the full site if i just turn off the mobile view at the bottom of the page. Works great.

  14. Not sure how that's relevant, but thanks.
  15. Definitely worth a shot. If not, the immobile app works great too
  16. its relevant because it proves that stangnet's site does work correctly when you turn off mobile view, and both the iPhone and the Pre use Very similar webkit browsers. If one works, the other should too.

  17. It was a joke. You can't turn off mobile view on an iPhone to the best of my knowledge.
  18. Guys I would change it if I could, but at this point with VB 4.0 being out, I can't go back and get fixes.

    You can always get the direct link to the forum you want or like others, the app that changes the useragent from the phone so you get normal browser version.
  19. Digging up this old thread here.. Just wanted to let fellow iPhone users know.. I'd tried the Unmobile browser and it didn't work for me. I could get into subforums and such, but couldn't properly post. I just got one the other day called Atomic Web and it's fantastic. It allows you to show up as whatever browser you want, so you can choose iPhone, iPad, Safari Desktop, Firefox, IE, etc... It also has real tabs that load while other tabs are open (so you can load multiple pages at the same time) and it has a ton of cool features like multi-touch shortcuts and VGA out if you have the cable.

    So to those, like me, that like to view the site in full and access all the subforums, check it out. It was definitely worth a buck to me.