iPhone and Stangnet

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  1. This was enabled last week. fyi
  2. And here I am trying to get my iPhone 4 to go to the mobile version. WTH? What's the site address? Safari just takes me to the regular site.

  3. Use tapatalk... it costs like 3 dollars and works quite well now.

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  4. I'm not sure where you got the idea that the mobile skin had been completed. :shrug:

    It's in the works but it's not ready yet. There will be an announcement for sure after it's been completed, tested, and blessed. For now at least, the forum is Tapatalk enabled. :nice:
  5. I thought I had been on mobile version of SN about a year ago, guess not. Looking forward to it. Thanks.
  6. I use Crapatalk (Tapatalk) with my iPhone4S but for there is a browser that runs the full version of Stangnet and has flash built in. It's the Skyfire browser. It's $1.99, they have a free version but that one doesn't do video. Skyfire is an alternative for those who don't like the Tapatalk format.